Between: Don’t Look Back – Season 2 Finale (Review)

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The season two finale of Between Don’t Look Back” has a very cynical feel to it. The message being that medicine and cures for pandemic viruses is big money for the one’s holding the cure. However, the winners, Horatio Pharmaceutical,  may have shot themselves  in the foot with Liam Cullen’s miracle cure.

Between ends on a downbeat note, initially.  Many of the Pretty Lake denizens have died, Samantha and Gord were both shot to death.  Tracey opts to stay behind facing, what seems to be, a death of starvation. Mark gives up his injection for Wiley.

A small handful of the survivors are extracted.  Ronnie, Jennie, Franny, Chuck, Wiley, Harrison, Stacey, Lamar and a couple of others all make it out. (Somewhat mysteriously, none of the other’s – part of Renee’s survivalist camp – disappear when the testing at Horatio Labs takes place.)

The small group almost leave without Wiley and her baby Jason but a last minute reprieve gets all the injected out except for Tracey to stayed behind for the kids. The “cured” members of Pretty Lake are then put through extensive trials to see how good the miracle drug is.

Meanwhile, the PM continues with her plans of mass genocide;  killing all  those still alive behind the fence.  Adam has believed this to be the plan all along and he contacts Daisy. He tells her to release the data revealing all that the government have done, including their first attempted mass murder of the children in Pretty Lake.

The first strike against Pretty Lake is underway but the military commander halts the proceedings.  He tells a subordinate that he would rather be tried for treason than war crimes.  The minister is furious. She calls Dexter and blames him before shooting herself.

Between finally has a sort of happy ending for all those trapped behind the fence.  Communications have been re-established and food as well as medicine is being brought in.

Six month’s later, just as Horatio is about to give the approved cure to the kids in Pretty Lake,a customer drops dead in the supermarket where Wiley and Adam are shopping. Horatio have released the virus and they have the only cure.

Here is the cynical ending that was expected. Crane and his avaricious nature have followed true to form. This “pandemic” will ensure that his company make a fortune inoculating the terrified populace. Liam Cullen’s cure will save the world and make Dexter and his company as rich as Croesus.

There is, however, a sting in the tail for the pharmaceutical company. The tests against those who had Cullen’s cure were extensive and proved that this small group self-healed at an incredible rate of speed. They could almost be termed invulnerable.

Wiley’s tumor is destroyed, Renee fights off the virus and heals from what should have been a fatal gunshot wound.  Chuck survives  a devastating head wound and  Harrison’s diabetes is cured.  In essence, Cullen’s cure has not just  cancelled out the virus,  it seems he has invented an immortality drug.

It  may not necessarily stop aging but it does seem to cure all known ills and a lot of “causes” of death.  It this is true, Crane’s drug company, in rushing to release the virus,  has doomed itself in the long run. Once the population gets the inoculations their need for medication and  other pharmaceutical supples will dwindle to nothing.

Horatio may increase their coffers a thousand-fold now but ultimately the company will  go broke when all the new “superhuman’s” stop needing their products. Irony, thy name is Dexter Crane.

Between may not be  back for a third season.  The release of the virus into the general population takes the action from Pretty Lake.  The only real way the show could carry on would be if Horatio manages to blame Adam and Wiley (and the rest of the survivors)  for the outbreak. This would necessitate their running and hiding from a furious public.

Overall, the season finale felt rushed and a tad convoluted.  The show finished with a huge cliffhanger and in so doing has taken the focus off of Pretty Lake.  Between has been entertaining and despite the loss of focus toward the end was certainly well worth watching.

What do you think of the finale? Where you surprise at Dexter’s actions? Answers in the comment section below, please and thank you.


Guest starring Mercedes Morris as Renee, Pascale Langdale as Dexter Crane and Rosemary Dunsmore as the prime minister. Between Tumblr page header

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One thought on “Between: Don’t Look Back – Season 2 Finale (Review)”

  1. I wasn’t even remotely surprised when that lady died in the supermarket. I figured it would happen, I didn’t expect to take the whole six months though! I figured that as soon as they released the kids into the public, then they’d let the virus out and blame it on the kids immediately, saying they escaped or something.

    I really do wish someone would at least put out a statement of how the show was supposed to continue on. Some shows that get cancelled do it and it definitely gives the fans, at least a tiny bit, a sense of completion when they do it.


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