Roadies: Carpet Season – Phil’s Return (Review)


After last week’s attack by Janine with its residual blowout the tour continues.  This episode sees Phil’s return,  Christopher’s iPad goes missing as does Janine’s yearbook.  Kelly Ann confesses to Bill that maybe not all the eggs were broken. Roadies “Carpet Season” also has the band being photographed by Kelly Ann’s idol, Abby Van Ness.

Bill is undergoing a bit of a shaky patch. The Janine debacle (with her confession of having sex with Bill while she was dating Christopher)   causes Chris to fall off the wagon and he is drinking again. Bill goes to an AA meeting at Seattle, the next city on the tour.

Somewhat annoyingly Phil returns during Bill’s vastly improved circle meeting.  Preston (Brian Benben) tasks Bill with finding the missing items and to make up with Phil. It is Shelli’s birthday and Reg is less than pleased to see the man who pulled a gun on him return. 

Things are a bit tense between Double D and Phil initially and Bill has to intervene.  Halsey is the musical open for the band this week.  Wes, who is a huge fan, gets to spend some time with the artist.

Photographic diva Abby Van Ness, and her obsequious (and annoying) assistant turn up for the photo shoot.  Shelli and the diva immediately butt heads. Abby, as the “up her own arse” photographer to the “stars,” makes ridiculous demands on the crew and the band. Shelli spells out how it will really happen and neither woman is impressed with the other.

Kelly Ann is beside herself with excitement over the chance to meet her idol. Later, as Abby and her assistant Bethany set up for the shoot she meets the photographer.

It does not go well.

The young grip is overawed and Abby acts like a b*tch. She insults the younger woman and  makes references to her parents. The photographer then attempts to continue her bullying but Kelly Ann strikes back.

Shelli is furious and she confronts Abby. She tells the diva that if she speaks to any one else on her crew that way Abby will have her head shoved up her arse, by Shelli.  Abby is intrigued.

Carla Gugino as Shelli in Roadies

Meanwhile, Bill, Phil and Reg learn that the band archivist, Mike Fingers, took the iPad and the yearbook. After getting the address from Puna (Branscombe Richmond) the three men go to collect the items. 

Wes clicks with Halsey and she asks him to join her tour. Winston (Ethan Michael Mora), the devil child, overhears the offer and is upset at the thought of losing his “manny.” Later, the guest artist learns that her tour budget will not cover Wes joining up. He and Halsey then “stage” a moment for Winston who is pleased to have his manny back.

Phil, Reg and Bill confront Mike Fingers and end up getting the stolen items back and enough things to complete the band’s boxset.

The photoshoot is a disaster. Abby tries bullying the band into submission and it does not work. The breaking point comes when she rubs Janine in Christopher’s face,  Rick snaps and the band follows suit.

The band members begin destroying the props set up by Abby and Bethany. As the photographer and her assistant stand by in shock, Kelly Ann calmly walks up and takes  “the shot.”  It is, of course, brilliant. Abby and Kelly Ann share a look.

By the end of the show Reg and Phil have sort of made up but Double D is still upset about Janine.  Shelli  celebrates her birthday…with Bill.  Kelly Ann is left alone at the bar and she sees the couple leave together. She smiles.

In this episode of Roadies “Dead Sex” is mentioned, at least twice, and not seen – no David Spade this week.  The men discuss it briefly on the way to Finger’s house, “It’s a metaphor,” and Wes brings it up as well.

Halsey’s musical numbers are brilliant as is her performance.  Anyone not a fan of this beautiful and talented artist before will become one after this episode.

Rosanna Arquette ruled as the b*tch photographer and Lyndon Smith was spot on as the sycophantic assistant.

Rosanna Arquette as Abby Van Ness

The curse, even though both Bill and Kelly Ann state that they do not believe in such things, paused slightly in this episode. However, the preview of next week’s Roadies seems to show that the unbroken egg is still causing problems.

Roadies airs Sundays on Showtime. Stop by for the soap opera of the show and stay for the music and the guest stars.


Guest starring Rosanna Arquette as Abby Van Ness and Lyndon Smith as Bethany Ian-Crouch. 

Musical Guest:  Halsey

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