Chelsea: Denis Leary, DNC and God (Review)

Chelsea Handler NetflixChelsea this week was all about discussing God and religion at one of her “dinner parties.” Then it was political  celebration time as she waxed on about the DNC  and finally it was Denis Leary.  On that episode there was talk of the Olympics and Jason Biggs donning a speedo in the name of Chelsea.

Other guests included the former governor of New Mexico, for a split second, and MSNBC political anchorJacob Soboroff. This week’s offerings may have been as dull as dishwater (for those who could care less about the DNC, or the RNC or ANC – Any National Conference – or the Olympics) but Leary was a bright spot on the show. 

As irreverent as ever, Leary looked to be a bit of a handful for Chelsea.  Denis talked about his 27 year marriage. He also suggested offering the audience drugs. What was funniest about the entire interview was Leary’s surprise when it was over so soon.

(In actuality the whole thing lasted just under eight minutes.)

The “Leary” episode included the Jason Biggs visit to the  US Olympic water polo training pool. It also included email and text etiquette lessons from Chelsea at the start of the show.  These info-chats are brilliant and better than most monologues on offer.

Another interesting guest was 33 year old multi-decorated Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin.  A stunning woman who gave “good interview.”

Handler choses to keep the celebrity guest to a minimum – celebrity as in actors, et al – and focusses more upon things that interest her. This means world travel, religion (apparently), drugs, politics and, this year, the Olympics.

The dinner party scenarios – which usually are the weakest segments of the show – was top notch. This week’s dinner guests included   Common, Reese WitherspoonNegin Farsad and Adir Abergel.  Each one brought something to the table (pun intended) about different religions. They spoke about how they “see”  the question of God. 

The focus on all things  political is a bit off-putting.  It does make a certain amount of sense as this is, after all, an “election year.” A lot of people are interested in the candidates and so on.

It is the quirkiness of Chelsea Handler, however, that makes this talkshow entertaining and interesting.  There were no “field trips” this week.   Chelsea did  attend the DNC  but it was not filmed and included as a segment.

Definite kudos are in order for a definite lack of Kardashians and Huffington’s on the guest list.

Fun bits included the “Parental Tips” segment, the text versus email bit and, somewhat amazingly, the dinner party dealing with God.  (The Hilary gag was also very funny…)

Pre-recorded bits included the interview with the woman who puts everything together for the  Democratic National Conference Leah D. Daughtry. The comical  highlight of this episode was Chelsea calling Jacob Soboroff  “Jason.”   Handler opted to keep that “blooper” in.

Chelsea’s most impressive guest was Destiny Tyree. This  inspirational young lady who, finished high school at 16. This was achieved while living in a homeless shelter with her mom and a sibling. She also has  a full scholarship to a college. Proof positive that where there is a will, there is a way.

Chelsea airs three times a week on Netflix; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Stop by and check the shows out. There are not many talkshow hosts who dare to talk politics and religion.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

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