UnREAL: Espionage – Sh*t Storm (Review)

Rachel and Quinn on Espionage

The penultimate episode of UnREAL season two “Espionage” was a real “sh*t storm” in more ways than one.  Rachel Goldberg takes down “Hot Rachel” in a move that would make the Borgia’s envious and Quinn has a meltdown.  Coleman shows his true colours and Chet makes a move on Tiffany.

In many ways this has been the top episode of season two.  There cannot be many who did not react to Yael soiling herself on national television with horrified laughter.  Quinn loved it  which made her baby news later seem like instant karma.  There was no guilty laughter from Ms. King, she reveled in the humiliation of Yael.

All this toilet tragedy went to prove  that Team Rachel/Quinn is essentially unstoppable.  The two are, as has been mentioned before, the perfect storm together.  They may have difficulty showing it but they do love each other.

“I love you. I love you. You’re fired,” says a broken Quinn.  She wants Rachel to be with “douche” Coleman and get away from the poison that is “Everlasting.” Goldberg reveals that Wassermann wants to destroy the show and Quinn. (What Rachel does not know is that he wants to take her down as well.)

There was much wheeling and dealing going on in UnREAL in this episode.  Wasserman editing Rachel’s rambling confession to Mary’s murder and other nefarious goings on at “Everlasting.”  He then goes on to tap her phone so Quinn can incriminate herself and Rachel.

Jay works to get Chantel to take herself off the show and Madison shoots that down  by throwing shade on his intentions.  Behind all this scuppering of plans is the Quinn and Booth romance.

The two go to a doctor. She has accepted the idea of being a “mom” and tests were needed to see if Quinn could have children.  The news is bad. Quinn goes into free-fall and throws Booth over and smashes up the production room.

Coleman works with Yael, who revealed last week that she was an investigative reporter, and after her “sh*t storm” on television, He promises to take both Quinn and Rachel down.

It is Yael’s downfall, orchestrated masterfully by Rachel,  that is the highlight of the episode. Madison cattily informs Goldberg that Coleman was in Yael’s room. Rachel then sets up “Hot Rachel” with Darius for a date involving sushi and sauces.

Goldberg then substitutes the blue dress prepared by wardrobe for the date with a white number. (All the better to show off the results of eating that doctored sauce.)  Rachel orders the cameras to stay on Yael as she attempts to leave.

As the view focusses mainly on the victim’s crotch area, it seems that the mess will be revealed there. Mercifully, the woman slumps down with her back to the locked door and it is sound effects that tell us she defecated in front of the world.

Wasserman is a real rat after all. He may be telling Rachel that he loves her but he plans to have her institutionalized. After she is cured, he says, she can rest.  It is this revelation that wakes Goldberg up to his real intentions.

UnREAL this week manages to ring the changes for Quinn. This powerful woman who shapes everyone else’s world  fell apart. (As “apart” this woman of steel could allow herself.)  Her reaction the the news “I wanted to have a choice,” was both a lament and a cry for help. It was also one of those tissue reaching moments.

Quinn immediately pushes Booth away. Her rationale is that she will not be the cause of his disappointment.  (Was there also not just a bit of guilty relief? Is that what Quinn was really angry about? Thoughts and/or answers in the comment section below please…)

This was a brilliant show stopper  episode. The real sh*t storm was not Yael losing control of her bowels on national television, it was Wasserman’s betrayal and Quinn’s devastating news.  Expertly written and handled by all, “Espionage” was a laugh one minute and cry the next episode. Kudos to all and Emmy’s should be handed out to more than one performer.

UnREAL ends next week on Lifetime. Do not miss the season two finale, titled “Friendly Fire” as it looks like the real “sh*t storm” has yet to appear.


Guest Starring: Ioan Gruffudd as John Booth

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, http://MikesFilmTalk.com Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

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