Queen of the South: El Engaño Como La Regla – Squeeze (Review)

Queen of the South - Season 1

Things have become tense on Queen of the South.  In “El Engaño Como la Regla” events from last week are catching up to Camila and Theresa.  Mendoza is still upset with James for letting Eric murder the man in his bedroom  and things have cooled down between them. Epifanio has put the squeeze on Camila, cancelling all her shipments. He also informs the DEA about her Colombian delivery.

Just as Camila feels back in control, the DEA swoop in and take the shipment. Theresa and James barely escape as the shootout leaves many Columbian’s dead.  Brenda is increasing production, “stepping on the product” massively to increase her profit.

She asks Theresa to pick up Tony from the ‘Y’ as she cannot. Theresa is working on a delivery so she cannot either.  Brenda calls her son and tells him to get a bus. She texts him the address and Tony tells her he will be fine.

With the supply cut,  Allen (Grant Garrison) tells Camila that he has been talking to “The Birdman” aka Eric.  Vargas is not pleased that the Jimenez cartel are squeezing into her territory.

Theresa makes her first delivery  to immigration lawyer Russell (Will Beinbrink). In short order the legal eagle offers her some cocaine and then a free bonus. All Russell wants is a little preferential treatment. ” If,”  he says, ” it ever stops snowing in Texas,  please think of me first.”

James calls Mendoza back to the club and Camila orders her to pick up the Colombian shipment with him. The DEA strike at the parking garage and the two escape by jumping over the railing.  James takes a trolley  and  Theresa  goes back to the car they took into town.

She calls James and says she will collect him.   He tells her to head back to the club and that he will meet  her there. As Theresa starts to take the ramp back she changes her mind and gets James.

Later he sends his girlfriend Kim (Blair Bomar) into hiding.  She is not happy about staying at the “rusty old trailer” by the lake. Kim  complains that the “last time”  used up all her sick leave. 

Camila asks James what happened and The Charger (Juan Felipe Barrientos) suggests selling Theresa  to Epifanio for $5 million to repay the Colombian’s.  Camila appears to be thinking about it.

After Russell takes an interim supply of coke from Eric,  Camila calls Epifanio and asks for permission to take the Jimenez man out. He refuses.  He claims that the treaty with the Jimenez family protects Eric and Camila.

Theresa starts planning a means of escape for her,  Brenda and Tony (Adolfo Alvarez). She first approaches a priest whom she believes is spiriting Mexican illegals into the country.  He tells Theresa that this is not what he and the church are doing.

With her cocaine supply choked off by Epifanio, Camila is feeling the squeeze and it will not be long before she takes desperate measures to fix the problem.  Theresa is also desperate to get that book back from below the border.  Her safety with Camila is at risk now that the drug supply has dried up.

Epifanio is concentrating on getting Camila to give up Theresa while he is running for governor, it cannot be long before he makes a mistake. Cesar is not looking too happy about the continued campaign either. Could the Batman be ready to turn?

The rift  between James and Theresa has been mended somewhat but so far Camila’s right hand man is still more interested in Kim.

 Queen of the South - Season 1

Early in the episode the “Queen of the South” gets a visit from her future self again.  This time she is advised that sometimes a lie is needed to survive.  Regardless of what lie she chooses to tell, Theresa’s life is in danger again.

Camila now has no supply and is about to have some very angry Colombian’s banging at the door.  The battle between the Vargas couple has intensified and it will be interesting to see who wins.

Queen of the South airs Thursdays on USA.


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