Killjoys: Meet the Parents – Family Matters (Review)

 Killjoys - Season 2

Killjoys this week sees Pawter get a chilly reception at home and Johnny gets to meet her parents. Khylen also deals with matters of the family when he visits Telen to see how D’Avin withstood the Level 6 training. Last week Simms was picked up from Westerly and a lot of gifted students were melted in their cryogenic pods.

Johnny and Pawter are on Qresh so she can ask for the exile to be lifted while D’Avin and Dutch are serving a warrant behind the wall in Old Town.  D’Avin does indeed  have a thing for Pree’s new barmaid Sabine(Tori Anderson). When  he stops by for some “painful”  flirting, Khylen makes a connection with the oldest Jaqobis brother. D’Avin become disoriented and  blacks out.

D’Av tells  Dutch about passing out and then begins humming a song Khylen wrote for her.  On Telen, Khlyen and Lee start running tests on Sheriff Jaqobis to learn whey D’Avin could not be turned.

Johnny meets Pawter’s sister Louella (Kimberly-Sue Murray), and her smarmy fiancee Hank (Marco Grazzini). He also meets Weymer Simms (Andrew Gillies); Pawter’s father. Later the doctor catches Johnny swimming naked in the family baptismal pool. 

At the family meal, Pawter is cut short in her request to have the exile lifted.  After the awkward moment  at dinner, the Simms’ butler is frozen to death. A killer fog has enveloped the area around the mansion and the butler walked through it.  Adeline Seyah Simms (Jayne Lewis) begins examining the dead butler’s frozen remains to learn more about this new pathogen.

The other two Killjoys are transporting their  prisoners. Khylen connects with D’Avin again and this time, D’Av fights the Level 6. The two do  a “Freaky Friday” switch where D’Av is in Khylen and vice versa.

At the Simms mansion the killer fog has surrounded the building and Louella gets infected. Pawter saves her life by chopping  off her sister’s hand. On Telen, Khylen is now D’Avin and on the Killjoy ship, D’Avin is now Khylen. At the Jaqobis family home,   Fancy Lee is suspicious and questions his boss.

Rob Stewart and Luke Macfarlene do a splendid job playing each other. The initial bit where D’Avin tries to fool Lee is very funny. On the ship, Khylen taking over D’Av’s body is equally amusing and like Lee, Dutch knows immediately that D’Avin is no longer home.

On Qresh, Adeline injects herself with the virus believing she has a cure. It does not work and she dies. Pawter learns that the fog and its virus can be destroyed by fire. Johnny comes up with a plan.   He will blow the gas lines and save the rest of the family.

Dutch and Khylen, in D’Av’s body, talk and the Level 6 reveals more of what he is doing.  D’Avin’s body begins shutting down because Khylen is in control The Level 6 cannot jump  back out of Jaqobis without Lee’s help as D’Avin has knocked Fancy  out on Telen.

On Qresh, Johnny sets his plan in motion. He leaves Weymer, Louella and Pawter in the mansion. He must get through the fog to blow up the main gas line.  Louella offered up her diving suit so Johnny could  get through the fog.

Johnny goes to place the explosive on the  main gas line.  Hank is waiting in a hazmat  suit and it turns out  that he set up the poisonous fog.  His plan was to murder the Simms family  and take all their joy. He offers to team up with Johnny who declines his proffered partnership.

Weymer walks through the fog to check on Jaqobis.  He is now infected but gets the drop on Hank and Johnny overpowers the villain. Weymer sacrifices himself to save his daughters and the fog is destroyed.

By the end of the episode,  Pawter is the new Seyah Simms and Khylen has learned why D’Avin was resistant to Level 6 conversion. (The army’s operations made him immune.)

The two men get back into the right bodies and both Lee and Dutch are happy to see them return. Dutch learns that she  was not on Arkyn in D’Avin’s memory and Johnny and Pawter share a romantic moment after her ceremony. Later Dutch also appears to be closer to Jaqobis.

After hinting strongly that there are “Two” Dutch’s, it now appears that there may be two of the strong willed Killjoys. (Or at least a twin of some type that Dutch was never aware of.)

Lucy, once again, shows her more human side, by inviting Khylen to “step off the ship” and find better technology. (Dutch reminds Khylen that faster than light is not something that can happen. He replies “not with your technology” and Lucy takes offense. Very funny.)

It was interesting to see that Johnny’s romantic involvement with Pawter may become complicated because of his involvement with Dutch.

Killjoys - Season 2

Pawter is now in a better position to help Old Town and Khylen has information that may help him to convert D’Avin to a Level 6. It looks to be very  interesting times for the Killjoys this season.

Killjoys airs Fridays on SyFy and Space. Do not forget to tune in and catch the latest “lock and serve” episodes.


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