Wayward Pines: Season 2 Finale – Oedipus Wrecks (Review)

Wayward Pines

Wayward Pines finishes on “Bedtime Story” with a season finale that follows though with  the Oedipus Rex storyline introduced last week.  Although in essence it could be called Oedipus “wrecks” since Jason is instrumental in the town’s downfall. To be fair, Pilchard’s chosen one was  a culmination of the town father’s misconceptions and disastrous beliefs, who did as he was taught.   The byproduct of incest was also Pilcher’s  fault full stop.

As Jason goes under Theo’s knife, the town prepares for evacuation to the pods. The residents still do not know that more than half of them will not be “leaving” Wayward Pines.  The boy leader dies and Yedlin tells those gathered outside the hospital that Jason is dead.

The doctor  delivers a speech about dictators and moving forward. Theo’s sycophant; Oscar,  realizes that Yedlin  murdered Jason.  He questions his hero and Theo lies. Arlene approaches Theo and puts in her bid to be Rebecca’s replacement.

Ocar later points out that the dead leader’s blood type matches that of Kerry Campbell.  Theo says nothing.  CJ passes over Jason’s choices for who will be “sent forward” and who will die.  People who are important to the Pines’ survival,  nuclear families and the children will all be saved.

Yedlin talks to Mitchel about Jason and  the horticulturalist cuts him short.   Theo goes to  see Kerry. She stands up for Jason and says there have been enough lies.  The doctor then trots out all the clues Kerry needs to realize that she was her son’s lover. The Oedipus connection is made, after a few moments and Kerry vomits in a waste bin.

The good doctor seemingly could not wait to pass on the incestuous information to Campbell.  No matter how hard this show attempts to show Yedlin as a up-front savior of the town, his actions prove otherwise.

At one point, while the town dissolves into riots and full scale panic,  Yedlin records his plans. He will give himself injections of the three most viral diseases. After  the incubation period Theo plans to allow the Abbies to eat him. His plan will help to eradicate the true inheritors of this new Earth. In the end, Yedlin is no better than Pilcher or Higgins.

Despite this projected  act of  self sacrifice, Yedlin pounces the moment Kerry stands up for Higgins. His thinly veiled hints allow Campbell to realize she was her son’s lover.

It destroy’s Kerry.

(One could argue that it also pushed Jason over the edge.  Jason, however, reacted very differently to his mother.   Higgins pulled his gun, twice, and the second time attempted to shoot Kerry. Jason was a damaged product who struck out against everyone and anyone  when his reality or will was threatened.)

The rest of the season finale of Wayward Pines consisted of certain people being put in pods and everyone else being left to face the increasing horde of Abbies’ outside the fence.  Those left behind resort to mindless violence and some, like Frank and Xander;  Rebecca’s husband,  are given last minute reprieves.

Arlene, who was initially to be left behind is given a pod by Theo. Although it is doubtful that she got one that worked properly.  No matter how you slice it, Yedlin is not a “Mr. Humanitarian” sort of guy.  In the end the medico cares only for himself.

Kerry finds Yedlin’s  recording and gives herself the viral  injections.  Theo decides to grab a pod for himself and Campbell goes outside the fence to infect the Abby community.

The series ended rather  ambiguously.  Throughout the episode the Abby build up is shown in intercut sequences. Margaret and one of her entourage screaming at the creatures and occasional glimpses of the growing army of destruction are shown with no pay off.

(Somewhat annoyingly, what with  all the emphasis on procreation and the need for more children, there  are loads of “under 18s.”  A lot more than one would expect, but the show’s makers obviously felt this would be more dramatic…)

A fraction of the Wayward Pines population is sent back to sleep.  Mitchel comes close to not joining his fellow denizens but changes his mind.  The final message, relayed to CJ earlier in the episode,  is that Pilcher got everything wrong.

It will be interesting to see if the show comes back for another season.  Originally slated to be a “one off” the show was brought back because of good viewing figures.  This second season was a let down from the first. Patric is not Matt Dillion, the hero of season one, and it hurt the show.

Wayward Pines should really have stopped while it was ahead.  This meandering re-vist to the verse was nowhere near as addictive as the first season.  Hopefully FOX will now let the residents of the town sleep in peace.


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