UnREAL: Fugitive – Evil Secrets (Review)

Constance Zimmer as Quinn in UnREAL

Last week on UnREAL Romeo was  shot and Rachel went into  her second meltdown. In “fugitive” a lot of secrets come to light, including the one that tore Rachel and her mother apart.  Coleman fights being fired, Jay steps up to the challenge of producing sans Rachel and Yael reveals her own secret. And, as if there were any doubt, Rachel’s mother (Mimi Kuzykproves that she is indeed evil.

Wasserman catches Yael on his laptop after Quinn reminds him that he is fired. Yael confesses that she is really a reporter writing an expose. Her title for the project is “Realty TV Kills.”  Coleman agrees to  help Yael.

In this episode Rachel is under her mother’s care until Coleman rescues her. Quinn steps into the Everlasting driver’s seat with no hesitation and she begins turning the show around. Chet helps Quinn to cover up the shooting.

Darius meets with Ruby (Denée Benton) and professes his love for her. He also reveals that his NFL career is over. She reacts badly, he did after all, rebuff her on national television. Jay comes in to tell Darius that he needs to return to Everlasting.

Jay and Madison work their girls into better positions on the show and three of the contestants turn on Quinn’s favorite to win; Tiffany.  Quinn does help to eliminate Tiffany in the immunity round just to annoy Chet.

Coleman takes Rachel to the set  and not his home. He begins to interrogate his lover to find out more about Mary’s suicide. Rachel tells Coleman that they murdered Mary.

Wasserman tells Rachel that all this is needed to help show the truth.  He starts with the “racist” slant on Romero’s shooting and then concentrates on the show ruining lives.  While he continues to question Rachel, her mother turns up on the set with another psychiatrist.

Quinn sees Dr. Goldberg and intercepts her. The two spar  verbally, there is no love lost here, and Olive accuses Quinn of trying to be Rachel’s mother.  Quinn walks in on Rachel and Coleman. Goldberg and her daughter leave the room.

Coleman and Quinn talk about the camera and the shooting.  She points out to Wasserman that he and Rachel were responsible for Romeo being shot.   She  warns Coleman that he better not hurt Rachel.

Dr. Goldberg’s associate questions Rachel and  she volunteers to talk about her real issues.  Olive steps in and stops the Q&A.  Chet offers to help Tiffany and she responds to his flattery and attention.  “You know I have major daddy issues,” she says while kissing the producer.

Rachel and Olive have a confrontation about the secret of her childhood. Goldberg calls her daughter damaged and claims that no one wants to deal with that.  Rachel tells Coleman the truth.

He  learns that Rachel was raped when she was 12 by one of her mother’s patients.  The woman opted to treat her daughter for the trauma. She did this  to protect her new business.  Coleman comforts Rachel.

As the vote-off commences,  and  Tiffany learns that she has been voted off,  Darius returns. He stops the proceedings. First he  sends  Jamison the cop  home and he tells Chantel she will not be on the date.  Tiffany is chosen instead.

Darius explains that he does not want Rachel near him and that he will listen only to Jay.  Quinn makes up her mind about Booth and the possibility of children and Coleman meets with Yael. It looks like Rachel’s savior is about to stab her in the back.

UnREAL just took things up a notch or two. The near death of Romeo was shocking but  nowhere near as shocking as the childhood rape of Rachel.  That her mother chose to cover it up and drug her child to protect her fledgling business, is beyond evil.

It looks like Wasserman may be another contender for the crown of evil douche as he continues to work with undercover reporter Yael.  Rachel really does seem to have only one person who really cares about her;  Quinn. The  same woman she stabbed in the back earlier.

This series is addictive and full of secret surprises.  UnREAL airs Mondays on Lifetime. Watch this one, you will be glad you did.


Guest Starring: Ioan Gruffudd as John Booth

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, http://MikesFilmTalk.com Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

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