Casual: The Lake – Burned (Review)

Valerie, Laura, and Alex in Casual

Valerie’s warning to Alex last week has turned out to be slightly more than prophetic. Sarah has moved in  and Jordan sues Alex for negligence and  for breaching the company’s morality clause.  Casual, “The Lake” watches as Valerie’s life takes an upturn and Alex’s is burned down by a vindictive Jordan.

Valerie spends a day playing hooky with Jack (Kyle Bornheimer). She has a patient cancel their  morning session and Jack talks her into taking the day off. She has a hard time enjoying herself  as she is worried about Alex. 

Sarah, who has been in the house one day, begins hinting that Laura and Valerie should move out.  Somewhat tellingly, as Alex’s business world crashes and burns, due to Sarah’s  ex, she is oblivious to his problems.

Alex calls Leon who brings a lawyer friend in to look over the legal papers. The legal expert tells Alex that if Paul (Andy Buckley) stands up for him the papers carry no weight. Alex goes to see his business partner and Paul agrees to help save Snooger.

Valerie and Jack arrive at High Trail Lake and she admits this is her first time there.  She has a glass half empty moment and Jack forces her to focus on having fun.

Moments into the meeting with Jordan, Sarah’s ex cuts  Schmidt short by offering him $2.5 million  cash for his half of Snooger.

Laura suffers fallout from choosing Spencer (Rhenzy Feliz) over Aubrey (Dylan Gelula).  Things come to a head while Laura visits Spencer in the hospital.  “Hey  when did you two start f**king behind my back,” Aubrey asks.  The confrontation does not end well and a hurt Aubrey leaves. “I hope Spencer dies before  you get bored with him too,” is her parting shot to Laura.

Paul obviously takes the money and leaves Alex with Jordan.  Alex tells him that he will not leave the company. Jordan replies that if he stays  all Alex’s employees will be fired and blackballed. They will, he says, blame Alex.

Jordan offers $65 thousand for the company and Alex takes it. Before he signs the paperwork, Anderson tells Alex to say hi to Sarah. “You deserve each other,” he says.

At the lake, Valerie discovers that it has dried up and goes off on a rant. Jack realizes that she is upset about Alex and talks her down. He points out that she is putting herself second. Alex, he says, would have  called if he really needed help.  a

Back at the house, Sarah makes a steak dinner and reveals that she has spent a fortune on new decor. Alex is preoccupied and Sarah fails to notice.  He goes upstairs and tries to call Valerie who is busy having sex with Jack in the dry lake.

As Valerie predicted in “The Magpie” Alex has been “shot” by Jordan. His company is no longer his and while he has Sarah back,  this is not going to end well for him.  Valerie’s glass seems to be half full for once. Laura has burned her bridge with Aubrey and this too may bite her in the nether regions later on.

Casual  has now become anything but.  Laura is going have issues now that she and Aubrey  have “broken up” and Alex has lost his livelihood.  Valerie may be having fun with Jack, but Jennifer did warn her about him once before.

This series airs Tuesdays on Hulu. Stop by and check out this excellent dramedy.


Author: Mike's Film Talk

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