Roadies: Friends and Family – Supermoon (Review)


It looks like that unbroken egg from the cursed episode last week may indeed be influencing  the remainder of the tour.  The roadies in “Family and Friends” are doing a home town show in Denver, Colorado and the supermoon is apparently affecting everyone.

The Episode:

Janine, who broke Christopher’s heart, asks for and gets tickets to the show.  Double D is instantly besotted with the woman and does not leave her side.  Meanwhile Kelly Ann and Reg have been linked romantically, much to the consternation of Kelly Ann.

Double D however only has eyes for Janine. He is so enamored of Christopher’s ex, that he asks her back to the show again.  This can not end well for either the lead singer or Reg.

Rick and Natalie are now an item, after Atlanta, and the bass player is not doing too well. He collapses and requires a couple of  “B-12” shots.  Shelli is feeling isolated as no one is returning her calls.

Bill goes to get Christopher’s Nudie jacket. It is stored at Lorraine’s house, where he once lived, and while searching for the jacket, he finds that cup.  Bill takes a moment to do a “12 step” atonement with his ex. When he returns to the show, Shelli and Bill have sex.

Mike Finger (Ely Henry), the band’s biggest fan and archivist,  proves to be  a treasure trove of information. The  little chap is  a repository of knowledge and gossip about the band as well. He also, rather oddly, does not want to meet the group.  Finger prefers to  keep his perfect vision of the his idols untainted by reality.

Natalie Shin is now a legitimate member of the  tour with her own “real” laminate.  How long her relationship with Rick will last is uncertain. The bass player could not remember her name when introducing her to Lucius.  Still, as the ultimate groupie, Shin will most likely bounce back from any romantic set back and zoom in on another band member.

Kelly Ann is really upset about being romantically connected with Reg.  She tells everyone that it is not true and her protests fall on deaf ears.  Wes accuses her of fabricating the whole thing herself and then feels badly about it.  Kelly Ann is ordered to take photos of the “meet and greet” and she takes lots of “arty” pictures.

Later, Shelli complains that all the photos bar one are unusable. Before she leaves, Shelli tells Kelly Ann,   “There is one usable shot in there.” Ever the optimist, after thinking about Shelli’s feedback, Kelly Ann smiles;  pleased that she got one shot.

Bad Luck:


Milo and Donna’s band come within a gnat’s whisker of opening for the Denver show when Lucius go “MIA.” As the group nervously prepare to go on, Lucius turn up. Their excuse is that they got caught up in “Dead Sex” and lost track of time.

Milo is upset that Kelly Ann and Double D have “hooked up.”  His bad day becomes complete when Rick asks for Natalie during his episode in the dressing room.

Shelli’s sister does not turn up and she gets called “ma’am” by the lad she has been flirting with. She too has been compulsively watching “Dead Sex” as she has not even have phone sex with her husband for far too long.

Dead Sex:

A series  starring David Spade that is about a deadly virus that can only be halted by having real sex, versus the phone kind.  This “show within a show” is watched by all the roadies. This feels like a nod to the Brit “one-off” series Dead Set which was a zombie apocalyptic film set in the UK’s Big Brother house.

Final Thoughts:

Bill and Shelli having sex will not end well for anyone.  Reg’s infatuation with the woman of the song, Janine, is also bound to end in tears.   The device of having a new opening act for each episode continues. (This is an interesting set up, it allow the audience to view, however shortly, a mixture of the more well known rock acts and a few that more…obscure.

The Phil  “circle” thing has now become Bill’s “thing” as he fully takes the reins from Phil.


Imogen Poots as Kelly Ann and Rafe Spall as Reg

Comic moment of the entire episode had to be Imogen Poots’ reaction to the Reg/Kelly Ann “hooking up” rumor.  A close second was the scene where Milo explains keeping his trousers in the freezer on the bus. Milo says, “Freezer equal  fresh.” Donna, “Washing makes fresh but never mind.”

Roadies airs Sundays on Showtime.   Tune in and see if that unbroken egg does equal a curse. One that is influencing everyone’s actions and reactions.  After watching the preview to next week’s episode that does look to be the case or is it all down to that supermoon.


Guest Starring:  Jacqueline Byers as Natalie Shin and Joy Williams as Janine Beckwith 

Musical Guest – Lucious 

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

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