Ray Donovan: Get Even Before Leavin’ – Empty (Review)


Last week’s episode had Ray getting desperate enough to save his family that he agreed to do the Nevada job with Mickey.  This week Donavan goes to Primm with his father and after casing the casino, they pick grab Ed.  “Get Even Before Leavin'” follows Ray and Mickey’s as they retrieve  the money.  It also deals with Conor’s fascination with guns.

Bridget breaks up with her teacher and Abby gets another opinion on her breast cancer. Bunchy is left with the baby when Teresa (Alyssa Diaz) returns to Bakersfield and Ray comes up empty in Nevada.

In  Nevada Little Bill has put up a $250 thousand reward for the stolen money.  Ray plays blackjack and asks about the reward. Mickey gets donuts and the two men plan to grab Ed  (J. LaRose). Waller’s driver turns up at Little Bill’s and warns Ray to get back to LA.  Mickey learns of Muncie’s death. 

Conor is clearly  obsessed with guns. Avi tries to get the youngster’s mind off of weapons. Later Avi agrees to show Conor how to shoot a gun.  Damon (Dominique Columbus) is late for his first day at the gym. Terry tells the boy off and then apologizes. Bridget stops by and tells her uncle that she and Donellen have broken up. 

She left him  after learning that she was not the first student he had an affair with.  Terry comforts her and Damon looks on.

Little Bill and Algoma

Mickey takes the van out and parks it while Ray asks Ed to give his broken down vehicle a tow.  Ed agrees and when he gets to the van Mickey and Ray take him prisoner.  Ed refuses to tell Mickey where the money is and Ray shoots the man in his foot.

Pinkie (Travis Hammerhas the money.

Back in LA, Hector Campos (Ismael Cruz Cordova) shows up at the Fite Club looking for Ray.  Teresa is not returning  Bunch’s calls and he goes to find her.  Bridget offers to look after Maria and Bunchy turns her down. He takes the baby with him and goes to see his wife. 

Bunchy finds Teresa at her cousin’s house.  She tells Bunchy  she left after wanting to stab him, the baby and herself with scissors.  The new mother is clearly suffering from postpartum depression. Bunchy leaves Maria with her mother and says he will be back later to pick them both up.

Ed, Ray and Mickey turn up at Pinkie’s house.  The stoned young man panics when Ray calls him on Ed’s phone.  He  brings the money out and pours gasoline on it and himself.  Ray attempts to negotiate  and Mickey shoots Pinkie.

The lighter in his hand falls to the ground and sets the gasoline on fire. The young eccentric is blown up by the gas can in his hand. Ray rescues the money.  Donovan is furious with his father. Ray gives Ed some money and tells him to take Pinkie’s jeep and get out.

Mickey and Ray argue about Sylvie.  The two Mexicans that  the Donovan’s saw earlier pass the van and a slot machine falls off their truck. Ray hits the machine.  Mickey calls Sylvie who sets him up for Little Bill.

In LA, Bunchy returns to the gym without Maria. He tells Bridget to go home as her parents miss her.  Back in Nevada, the police and Little Bill turn up at the van. Bill grabs his money and tells the two Donovan men that he is letting them go. Primm takes their pictures and drives away. The police leave also.

At the gym, Hector’s sparring with Daryll draws a crowd.

Mickey learns that Abby has cancer and offers to take the rap for the Minassian murders so Belikov will be released. Bridget comes home and Conor breaks the gun safe open.

While Bunchy cleans up the mess from Hector’s sparring match, Teresa drops off Maria and leaves.  Outside the police station where Mickey has turned himself in, Sylvie tries to call him  but it is too late.

“Get Even Before Leavin'” finally sees Ray run out of steam and options.  He returns from Nevada empty handed and Mickey has to save the day.  Bridget may be home but her brother’s focus on being a gangster like his dad and his getting Abby’s gun does not bode well for the Donovan family.

Abby refuses to have the double mastectomy and is opting for alternative treatment.  It was heart breaking to see Sylvie being forced to give Mickey up.  Just as heart breaking was Mickey’s believing that she did it for the reward, with a little urging from Ray.

Avi trying to distract Conor

Donovan’s next move will be to release Belikov but previews of next week’s show seems to indicate that the Russian is not a forgiving man. This violent season has a sense of foreboding  lingering in the background while Ray attempts to keep his family safe.

The level of violence perpetrated by Donovan has escalated considerably as his desperation rises. It is pretty easy to assume that this season will not end well for the Donovan clan.

Ray Donovan airs Sundays on Showtime. Check this award winning series out if you have not already done so.


Guest starring Ted Levine as Bill Primm and Paula Jai Parker as Sylvie Starr. 

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Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, http://MikesFilmTalk.com Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

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