Orange Is the New Black: It Sounded Nicer in My Head – Lolly (Review)

Lori Petty as Lolly

Orange Is the New Black looks at Lolly’s back story and it is heart breaking.  Nichols has returned to Litchfield and Joe Caputo has his education proposal approved.  The Taystee, Cindy and Alison plan to photograph Judy King backfires and Chapman is attacked at Nichols’ welcome home party.


The young Lolly is a reporter on a free weekly paper when she first hears the voices.  After running from a home, she starts living on the streets and coping with her condition. Her symptoms get worse; paranoia and more voices begin to make Lolly’s life more difficult.  She is finally arrested  over a misunderstanding  and thus begins, apparently, her life on the “inside.”

Lolly has problems controlling the voices and despite Sam Healy’s help her condition worsens.  Officer Piscatella catches her stealing a cardboard box from a  prison dumpster and has her disciplined.  Healy takes charge of Lolly again and this time his calming influence falls on deaf ears.

At the welcome party for Nicky, Lolly cannot enjoy the festivities because of the voices.  She finally runs out and Sam follows. He finds Lolly and her time machine. The two talk and Healy looks depressed. Lolly asks for a few more minutes in her device. Sam agrees.

Judy King:

While the trio of paparazzi wannabes try to take Judy’s picture, videos on YouTube appear where the celebrity prisoner hosted a very inappropriate puppet show.  She believes that her fellow prisoners will believe she is racist and is concerned for her own safety.

Alison, Cindy and Suzanne trap Judy on her way to the shower and she panics. Running away, Alison gets a picture of the celebrity cook being chased by Cindy.  Caputo orders that Judy be fed in her own room after her roommate speaks of her concerns for Judy’s safety.

Piper Chapman:

Piper extricates herself from her burgeoning white supremacists group after giving her Hawaiian muscle the push. She tells Hapakuka  (Jolene Purdy) that she cannot protect her.  Later she ends up alone at Nichols’ welcoming party and Maria Ruiz uses Hapakuka to  set Chapman up.  

Hapakuka lures Piper out of the common room where Maria and her group are waiting.  Chapman’s former muscle explains her motivation just before Ruiz and her minion grab Piper.

Her gang members hold Piper down and begin to brand her. Piper screams in agony, through the towel stuffed in her mouth,  but she cannot be heard over the loud music in the common room. They begin to slowly burn a Nazi swastika on Chapman’s forearm.

Joe Caputo:

Joe’s educational proposal is pushed through by his new girlfriend Linda Ferguson (Beth Dover). Unfortunately, the core program he suggested has been completely replaced with construction classes.  He complains that she turned his educational incentive into a “chain gang.” 

Linda replies laughingly;

“No. No, it is a school, technically. We need to emphasize the school part, otherwise… we have to pay them their 11 cents an hour. Right?”

The Rest:

Nichols appears to be off the wagon and it really looks like Chapman has no friends at all now that she has left the  group she started.

“It Sounded Nicer in My Head” was at turns amusing and heart breaking. It also keeps the black humor flowing freely.   The episode’s closing song, “Cook Me” by Isabo  was  the perfect  followup  to Chapmen’s gagged screams of agony.

This episode told four different stories:  How Lolly was in the system through no fault of her own.  How Caputo does not realize exactly how the system works.  Judy King is working the system because of her money and celebrity. And lastly, Piper is in the system because of what she did. Chapman is also not savvy enough to work the system as King does.

All 13 episodes of Orange Is the New Black is streaming on Netflix at the moment.  Watch the reminder of the season in one go or stretch out the enjoyment one episode at a time.


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