Killjoys: Schooled – Little People (Review)

Killjoys - Season 2

Last week in Killjoys Alvis wound up at Leith and Dutch faced her greatest fear while killer moss fed her visions of Khylen. In “Schooled” The Killjoys trace Khylen’s last message from Red 17 and it leads them to a school for advanced students.  They require a warrant and Turin sets them up to escort some students there.  Dutch is not thrilled at the prospect of dealing with “little people.”

“Kids, Dutch” says D’Avin,” They’re called kids.”

The episode begins with D’Avin and Dutch working out together with a good bit of flirty fun. Dutch wins.  Turin interrupts to reveals where the last message from Red 17  and Khylen went.  The team get their warrants.

D’Av and Dutch go to Old Town and stop by  Pree’s bar to get Johnny.  The partying is going strong at the bar.  The two Killjoys get directions to the kid that they have to transport and learn that Johnny is not there.

Pawter, they find out, got herself out of Spring Hill and is now a captive in Salt Plains.  Johnny goes to rescue Simms and the two  leave after he starts a bar brawl. Pawter admits to Johnny later that her royal Kreshi  heritage is causing problems.   She agrees to hide out on Lucy until she can come up with a plan. Simms also tells Jaqobis about the walled city plans she found.

D’Av and Dutch get their  first student, a lad whose brother has been at the Prodigy school for three years.  The kid’s dad is a bit of  a douche and things get touchy for a bit. In this scene a very  interesting point is made.

Jake’s (Jack Fultonfather says that  his brother Olan (Ricardo Hoyos)  was sent the prodigy school because he was smart. Jake, says his father, still messes his letters up. There has been, he says, some sort of mistake.  His words are prophetic as it turn out that the school is a “seeding” plant. It is also illegally training children and Khylen seems to be part of it.

D’Avin bonds with Jake and they talk about the school and the kid’s brother. The Killjoys arrive at the academy and find the  school deserted and  all the children  missing.  Someone else arrives shortly after Dutch and her crew arrive; Delle Seyah Kendry (Mayko Nguyen).

Kendry is Dutch’s least favorite person . Johnny is not too keen on the Kreshi woman either.  Accusations fly between the two women as they both attempt to find out what happened at the school. Pawter helps Johnny work out where the kids went.

Pawter: “Great, let’s science this sh*t.”

The two start investigating the empty cryogenic devices and D’Avin spots another member of staff. As he chases after her, the woman disappears.  Meanwhile, Johnny and Pawter discover the the students were melted.

Killjoys - Season 2
Simms and Johnny

Pawter discovered  the students were being neurally fed information and this was partly responsible for their deaths. When the massive message was sent from Red 17 it went though the neural feeds and killed the kids.

Pawter reveals that the techniques used to educate the children by Seyah Kendry is illegal. Dutch learns that Khylen’s message was sent to Kendry and the two form an uneasy alliance.

As the Killjoys and Kendry try to catch the elusive staff member they believe killed the children,  it  is revealed that Jake’s older brother Olan survived the melting process.  The gifted student shuts down the school’s oxygen supply and tries to hack Lucy.

The female faculty member was a computer construct and a holographic display created by Olan. Jake’s big brother plans to kill everyone but himself and his little brother.  Johnny talks him down and saves the day.

It turns out that Olan got some of those memories that D’Avin was experiencing. Those must have been in the Red 17 message that melted the other kids.

Highlight of the Episode:

Dutch drawing and firing from the hip to wound Seyah Kendry.  It was a cool move that allowed her to get one up on Kendry.  Delle Seyah Kendry gets the best line of the episode later though with her “I guess daddy loves me best.” Meow.

At the end of Schooled, the Killjoys take the remaining four Prodigy students to the monastery on Leith.  Alvis and Dutch talk for a minute and he reveals that the monk’s skin scrolls are still being translated. She asks the monk to retrieve memories from Olan’s brain and not tell anyone.

Lee (Sean Baek) rescues Khylen from the Black Root’s cryogenic tank. Their next stop is the Jaqobis home world so they can learn why the Level 6 transformation did not work on D’Av. 

Killjoys writers are  weaving a  lovely little spider web of intrigue and strange bedfellows this season. Dutch and her team are still trying to bring Khylen down and learn how deep the Level 6 threat goes. With the added information that all of Westerly is about to be caged the stakes have been cranked up.

The regulars on the show were kicking as always and it was brilliant to see Mayko Nguyen return as Kendry.  As usual, it would have been great to see a bit more Pree. Speaking of the bar,  what about Sabine (Tori Anderson) and D’Avin’s reaction to the barmaid. Could this be the start of something?

Killjoys - Season 2
Tori Anderson as Sabine

Killjoys airs Fridays on SyFy and Space. Do not miss this great bit of space mystery.  Show creator Michelle Lovretta has upped the stakes this season and it shows.  Tune in and enjoy. 








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