Wayward Pines: Walcott Prep – Momma (Review)


Wayward Pines will reach its season finale next week and this penultimate episode throws up a shocker of a storyline. Last week saw the Abby population building up around the town as the wounded Margaret made her escape. “Walcott Prep” reveals more about Pilcher’s planning of his future leader and his mother.

As the Abby invasion appears immanent,  the backstory of Jason Higgins is brought to the fore.  It turns out the leader of Wayward Pines was second choice. The first Jason, the unborn son of a privileged single mother, died.  The creator of the ark then rushes to find  a replacement with a little urging from CJ.

The second “baby donor” is Kerry Campbell.  Pilcher buys her baby and meets Kerry. Apparently, he is quite taken with the young lady and decides to make her part of the Wayward Pines project.  Kerry wins Pilcher over when she tell him she is a survivor.  Campbell is, in essence, the Mother Mary figure in this nativity scenario.

The Abby population outside the fence is getting bigger and at one point it looks like Margaret may die from her gunshot wound. With little food and  shortages of medication, Jason decides retreat is the best option.

He tells the town’s population, of just over 1000, that they are heading back to the pods. The news is not taken well.  Many have never been in a pod and CJ works to ease everyone’s fears.

Before Jason’s speech, Dr. Yedlin  ensures that Xander (Josh Helman) will not be a problem when he takes over.  Theo clearly plans to remove Pilcher’s puppet as leader and place himself in charge. 

CJ informs Jason that there are not enough pods to rescue all the people in the town.  After initially blaming CJ, Jason asks how many can be saved and Mitchum tells him 571. The leader must now start a vetting process to see who will make it through the Abby invasion.

Higgins orders Theo to begin screening members of the community to see who is fit enough to go into a pod. The doctor immediately knows that there must be a  problem. Jason confirms that only half of the population can be saved.

Theo senses a chance to take over and he wastes no time. He immediately goes on the attack verbally and brings up Kerry’s inability to have children. He then  lies to Jason’s partner and tells her that since she is defective, Higgins will leave her behind to die.

Yedlin has finally made his move to take control of the Pines and he  even, at one point, urges Kerry to kill her partner.  She refuses and goes to see Jason. Meanwhile the leader of Wayward Pines is going through the files and beginning his selection process.


He pulls Kerry’s file and discovers another secret one on his partner as well. Reading both he makes the shocking discovery that the young woman he chose as a mate is his mother.  It is revealed that Jason picked Kerry while she was still in her cryogenic pod to be his partner. Obviously the pod kept Campbell from aging normally while  Jason grew up.

At the end of the episode, after Jason figures out that he has been sleeping with his mother, he pulls his gun. Earlier in the episode Kerry tells Pilcher that she is a survivor. In her desperate struggle with Jason over the gun, she proves she is also a fighter.

After the gun goes off, the two lie side-by-side, Kerry unaware of who Jason really is, and her  dying son whispers “Walcott Prep…They taught you well.” Outside the town’s walls Margaret recovers from her wound and roars at her followers, it appears the attack is on.

This was an interesting episode.  The storyline brings up Orwell’s Animal Farm, which the microcosm society of Wayward Pines has resembled from the very start, and shows that underneath his despotic tendencies, Higgins is ultimately like his fellow citizens in the town.

For the current population of Wayward Pines, the end is nigh.  It seems that Pilcher’s propensity for hubris caused him to make deadly mistakes  ensuring  his ark’s downfall.  His assumption about the Abbies was clearly wrong, this “aberration” was, in fact, a natural state of evolution. His ark was the anomaly full populated with relics from the past who were ill equipped to live in this new environment.

Apart from the shocking element of Jason sleeping with his “momma” the outlook for all those unwilling denizens of the town are doubly doomed.  If they make it to the pods and go back to sleep, when they awaken Pilcher’s people will still be the anomaly.

The Abby population will continue to grow and presumably they will take over the town. As they are intelligent and can learn, this new version of mankind should  flourish and continue to populate this new world.  When the survivors do wake back up, if they are not slaughtered, they could  well end up in an Abby zoo.

Living artifacts of a time gone by.

The season finale of Wayward Pines airs next week on FOX.  Stop by and see who will actually make it into a pod and whether Yedlin’s  coup was successful. Chances are that Rebecca could step up and take over.


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