Pretty Little Liars: Along Comes Mary – Morticia Adams (Review)


Pretty Little Liars this week sees Mary Drake, in “Along Came Mary” as a dour version of Morticia Adams (The Addams Family). She must be, at the very least, the ethereal twin to the morbid yet sexy Morticia. The main differences being that she has more color to her face and her black ensemble is all shirt and trousers versus a long and clingy dress. (She also has a look on her face like a smacked arse…)

Last week saw the Liars hiding their inadvertent murder of Henry Rollins (who was not Henry Rollins at all) and Alison being smuggled back into Welby.  It also saw Spencer almost have hot and heavy sex in an elevator with a chap called Marco. She learns in this episode that he is Toby’s new boss and heading  up the Rollins investigation.


A Gathering:

Apart from Mary Drake, there are a number of old enemies gathering in the area. Sara Harvey (Dre Davis) and blind Jenna Marshall (Tammin Sursok) have even, apparently, joined forces.  At the tail end of the episode, Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty) joins the two women for a drink and it looks like the Liars may have some trouble ahead. 

Jenna already has a tie to the dead Henry as does Mary Drake. All that remains to be seen is whether Sara had connections to Rollins (or Archer Dunhill)  and Kahn have connections to the dead man as well.

Random Thoughts and Questions: 

Why did gloomy Mary rip Rollins’ picture in half?

Was Henry’s motive theft all along?

Alison is very snippy now she is out of Welby and Rollins is dead. Granted she has been cleaned out and is stuck with morbid Mary but snapping at the other Liars who have done so much is pretty off.

Nancy Drew fail.  Emily and Aria both go to Archer’s apartment and look for evidence. Finding some, passports and so on, they proceed to get their fingerprints all over the stuff. Toby arrives and gives them five minutes to depart before a forensics team arrives.

Burner apartment. What a meta millennial phrase. Like burner phone but bigger, and in this instance, messier.

The Plot:

So Alison is allowed out of Welby now that Rollins has disappeared but she is in the care of Mary Drake.  The DiLaurentis coffers have been drained dry and Alison is one very  unhappy Liar.  Drake works hard to distance herself from “Henry” and things are not very harmonious in Casa Alison.

Ezra proposes to Aria. But… He gives her a heartfelt speech about lying and telling the truth.  Aria has more than a few secrets that Ezra is not privy to and there is the whole “Nicole” phone call.  Taking advice from Emily, Aria deletes the call.  Not a real great idea as this is Pretty Little Liars, and the late love of Ezra’s life could show up alive and well.

Emily is dating Sabrina (Lulu Brud) and misses her exam. A.D however takes it for her, apparently, and the police finally find Rollins’ car. Later the Liars learn that their “trail” set up for the dead man has been extended…by someone else.

Alison is going through her anger phase and she tells Emily and Aria that trusting Drake is not an option although she believes that Mary did split from Rollins when things got “murder-y.”

Spencer calls Hanna about Caleb and as the two talk Jenna show up. Spencer suggests Hanna follow her.  Hanna’s response gets the “line of the episode award.”

“Me acting normal doesn’t include tiptoeing around behind a girl with a big white cane.”

(Alison gets the “close-second” award with: “She’s just gonna keep acting like a demented den-mother if you’re here.”)

Jenna shows up at the DiLaurentis home and is surprised that Alison is out of hospital, she says, and Jenna  explains she  was looking for Henry.  As the blind girl leaves, Ali shouts at her  to tell Archer to go to Hell, “Maybe he is already there,” Jenna replies.

Alison meets Detective Marco Fury (Nicholas Gonzalez) and he offers help in getting her money back. He also mentions that the police believe it was about the money.  He also reveals that the faux trail set up by the Liars continues to Baltimore and beyond. Alison is unsettled by this information. 

Alison (Sasha Pieterse)

Speaking of unsettled, Alison finds the jacket that Emily sent to the police the she thought her friend killed Charlotte. A note on the back is “signed” by A.D.

The episode ends on that proposal and after the scene fades to black, Kahn arrives for drinks with the terrible duo of Sara and Jenna;  making it a threesome.

Pretty Little Liars may be falling a bit in the popularity stakes but so far the last season has been, at the very least, interesting.  There were a not a lot of high-points in this episode but Spencer bumping into Marco counted as one.   Aria’s speedy hustle away from the head and her sudden jump up from the bed counted as two more.

The series airs Tuesdays on Freeform.  Tune in and see how Aria answered that proposal question and to see who is using Rollins’ credit card. Could it be Mona? She has helped the Liars recently.


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