Guilt: The Eye of the Needle – Courtenay (Review)


Like a dog with a bone, we return each week to Guilt in the hopes that it will finally catch fire.  It looks like our patience has been somewhat rewarded with “The Eye of the Needle.” Although Patrick  Ryan’s SAS style infiltration of the Courtenay (The “House of Posh Totty.”)  may end in tears for that revenge oriented gentleman.

In the previous episode, Luc was arrested for dealing coke to a police informant.  Now he is jail and Grace is desperate to see him.  After unsuccessfully attempting to visit with Luc the morning after she angrily leaves Stan and is pounced upon by the paparazzi and press.

Grace’s phone is broken in the midst of all the jostling for photos and answers. A knight in shining armor swoops in and rescues Atwood bustling her through the police station door. They head out the back and  Veena Patel has her photographer take their picture.

Natalie and DS Bruno are also having a “morning after” chat about the elder Atwood sister being responsible for her father’s death. They also have breakfast and Natalie realizes that Grace has tried to reach her repeatedly.  Grace’s phone,  however, is off.

Ryan kidnapped MP Purferoy and forced the family man to smuggle him into the Courtenay. Patrick is almost asked to leave but at the last minute Finch (Michael Lindalllets him stay.

Grace’s saviour takes her to the tailoring shop where he is an apprentice.  While he works on her phone, she notices Molly’s dress and later finds the missing monkey.  Natalie sees a news report from Veena Patel which shows Grace with a black lad.

Ryan Gerald as Neville and Daisy Head as Grace Atwood

Bruno recognizes the young man.  He and Natalie go to see Neville’s mother and they realize that he was Molly’s stalker.

Back at the shop Grace freaks out after seeing the stuffed monkey. The two struggle and Atwood is knocked to the floor.  Later she stabs Neville in the leg and grabs his keys to the shop. He chases Grace to the corner and catches her at the edge of the pavement.

Bruno and Natalie show up and big sis talks the young man into taking the scissors from Grace’s throat.  Bruno  then chases down and arrests Neville.

Ryan gets a ledger with a series of guests “names” and their girls. He sees that Molly was regularly with Gentleman 33, aka the prince.  Patrick is almost caught by a security guard but Kaley (Amber Jean Rowan) steps in to save him. Roz is not happy with her girlfriend. She later tells her that Finch will hunt them down and kill them both. 

After Grace is rescued by Natalie and Bruno she talks her sister into going out. This is so she can visit Luc in jail. Once there, she tells him that he can never reveal what happened “that” night.  He swears that her secret is safe with him.

The “Amanda Knox” theme has crept back into the series.  Grace is definitely meant to make the viewer think of Knox.  Her character is a spoiled and  self-centered brat who pitches a fit when she does not get what she wants.  This episode seems to point the finger of guilt firmly at Grace.

Take, for example, the scene with Neville’s mum.  Bruno tells the boy’s mother that we do not always know the one’s that we love. “Sometimes”  he says,  “the people that we love, well, we don’t know them as well as we think we do. Sometimes they surprise us. ”

The camera zooms in on Natalie as he says this, her face thoughtful.  Clearly she is having doubts about Grace.  As well she should.   While Atwood may not have killed Molly, she is not the little nice little sister that Natalie thinks.

Grace Atwood chucks her toys out of the pram (reacts angrily) at least three times in this episode alone.  It is Grace who attacks Neville, stabbing him in the leg with scissors after physically attacking him earlier.  The younger Atwood can put on a pleasing face but those eyes are a combination of coldness and downright hatefulness.

In terms of likable characters, which Grace is not, Patrick Ryan is becoming a favorite, as is Kaley.  Speaking of Ryan, he must have an interesting past. An apparent photographic memory and enough brass to fill a monkey, Patrick’s stealing the ledger from the Courtenay office was impressive.

Another almost likable character is Bruno.  The DSI may be a little bent (crooked) but he is fighting against setting up an innocent man for the murder of Molly.   Natalie has gone from being insufferable to understandable.  Compared to her little sister Grace, Natalie is Miss Congeniality.

The ledger from the Courtenay looks to be of little use. The clients are all listed by a code name. Unless Ryan can get his hands on an index he will never learn who Gentleman 33 is.

Bruno and Natalie Atwood

One thing for certain, Neville is not the murderer as he is left-handed.  It also looks like Natalie and Bruno are now officially an item.  How long will it take for Natalie to work out that her copper boyfriend is bent?

Finch is already on the warpath and he attacks the MP while the man is out walking his dog.  Roz is right about his resolve and it will be a matter of time before he zooms in on Kaley.

Guilt airs Mondays on Freeform.  Check it out and see who you think Molly’s killer is and what Grace’s secret may be.


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