Orange Is the New Black: Piece of Sh*t – Nichols (Review)

Maris Ruiz and Piper Chapman

Last week Orange Is the New Black focussed on Maritza  and her backstory. “Piece of Sh*t” looks at Nichols, Luschek and Chapman.   The episode starts off with Luschek getting  hate mail from Nicky Nichols. (In one of the letters she calls him a piece of sh*t.)  Joel runs into Judy King (Blair Brown) and he is barely civil. 

Nichols celebrates three years of sobriety and gets a plastic token to commemorate the event. She loses it to the officer at the door who claims it is contraband. Nichols seems to be working hard to stay clean despite being moved from  Litchfield.

Chapman is trying to distance herself from her new white supremacist group and attempts to speak with Alex (Laura Prepon). Alex comes close to telling Piper about the dead guard. Maria awards Maritza for her good work and the other’s in her group want to move out of the dirty panty business. 

Caputo is swept up in Kip Carnigan’s ideas and Linda tries to bring him back down to earth. Joe wants to establish new educational programs and Linda offers to help.

The latest Community Carer meeting brings up the panty business, that Chapman started first, and a crackdown begins.  At the CO residence, Donuts (James McMenaminand Joel are playing FIFA and one of the inmates gets hurt. Luschek ignores her and Coates kicks him out of his house.

Nichols bumps into  Burset  (Laverne Coxin the SHU  and she slides a magazine under her door.  The inmates at Litchfield are being searched for dirty panties.

Cindy (Adrienne C. Mooreand Taystee plan to make money from taking a picture of Judy King.  Lolly and Healy continue talking and he tells her about a Twilight Zone episode he saw as a child.  Sam explains that his mother, who was like Lolly, felt her life was like that episode.

Lolly asks about Sam’s mother and he says she is fine.

Red gets the dead “guards” keys  to get sleeping pills so she can sleep. Joel asks Judy for advice in dealing with Nichols. Nicky avoids an old “girlfriend”  and later Joel goes to visit her in max.

Alison (Amanda Stephen) offers her smartphone to Cindy in exchange for a box of tampons. Cindy blows the negotiations.  Joel’s visit with Nicky does not go well. 

Poussey and  Brook (Kimiko Glenn) are still together, even though Soso has not reciprocated  Washington’s administrations.   Joel complains to Judy that his apology did not work.  Back at the max facility, Nicky is asked to clean Burset’s cell. It is covered in blood and the magazine is laying in the floor. 

This incident breaks Nichols and she leaves her sobriety behind.

Piper approaches Alex again and then plants evidence  under Maria’s bunk. The new anti-congregation rule has the inmates hiding under sheets in the association/common area. Caputo returns from his Baltimore conference and he mentions his new program.

Red, after taking sleeping pills, sleeps for over 19 hours. Maria is taken in to see Piscatella (Brad William Henke) after the panties are found.  Taystee chairs  negotiations between Alison and Cindy. The two women finally connect over L Ron Hubbard, Taystee leaves in disgust. 

Maria learns that the planted evidence will result in more jail time; three to five years.  Piscatella tells Ruiz that he believes she is a gang leader. Judy King gets Nichols out of max and back into  minimum custody. Joel pays the price for this assistance with some sexual favors for the celebrity inmate.

Ruiz threatens Chapman.

She then decides to graduate from dirty panties to drugs. Nichols gets drugs from a guard in max, another sexual favor deal, as Caputo signs paperwork acknowledging that she is returning to Litchfield’s minimal facility.

Chapman is setting herself up for a fall and Lolly seems to have stabilized since talking to Healy.  It seems that Alison and Cindy have formed an alliance and that they will be working together as “prison paparazzi.”

Orange Is the New Black is on Netflix.   


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