Hunters: New Holy Ground – Season Finale Was Confusing (Review)

 Hunters - Season 1

In this episode of Hunters Finnerman is dead, Truss shot her last week,  and Jackson sets up her body to look as though Hunters have killed her.  Regan calls her boss and relays that McCarthy is willing to tell them where the launch site is in exchange  for immunity.  The renegade Hunter says he will show them, versus tell them, and he explains that the nuclear fallout will be immense.

“Holy New Ground” beings with a lot of tension in the ETU between Jackson, Briggs and Regan. McCarthy reveals to Flynn that Abby did not want to rejoin the Hunters.  He tells the agent that all she really wanted was “to be with you.”

Down in Mexico at the launch site, Musa is is having problems healing. He refuses the medication that Liana has been giving him. He goes to feed and it only helps a little. Liana comes to see Brother Four and he refuses another injection.  The two have an altercation and he picks her up by the throat.

Liana injects him and Musa releases her. She kills one of Musa’s “loyal” feelers and leaves. Abby comes in and the Hunters’ leader tells her that Liana is an Exalted. He explains that she  is trying to kill him and stop the launch.

Flynn sends Emme to Canada to stay with an aunt and get her away from the fallout if they cannot stop the launch.  Truss and Flynn talk about Abby.  Jackson tells Flynn that she did not know about the nuclear fallout.

McCarthy speaks with Regan in the back of the vehicle.  After telling the Hunter agent that her mother; Liana, is strong he begins “clicking” at her. Regan is not amused. “Hey, lay off that lizard sh*t or I will put a gag on you.”  McCarthy lets out a few more clicks as he looks at her.

(McCarthy gets the  best lines in this final episode. Talking earlier about Regan and the Hunters – and her family – he references The Lion King .  The exiled Hunter mentions the “Circle of strife” and impishly calls out, Hakuna f****ing Matata.  His mocking delivery and never-ending good humor puts McCarthy in the role of semi comic relief. once again.)

At the launch site, Briggs tells Truss that they should kill McCarthy whether he has told the truth or not.  Jackson says no. He then talks to McCarthy and there appears be a meeting of the minds. As Truss leaves to start the mission  the Hunter quotes a line from S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders“Stay gold, Ponyboy.”

Abby is watching the Hunters board the rocket that is meant to make them to Saturn. Flynn watches from a knoll and Abby spots the glare from his binoculars.  As he looks she appears to look right back at him.

Truss readies his team.

Briggs goes to where McCarthy is in cuffs.  The two talk and McCarthy tells Briggs that he is “takeout”  (takeaway). Briggs ignores Jackson’s order from earlier and shoots McCarthy with two sonic pistols.  His actions stop the Hunter before he can finish his sentence. It sounds like McCarthy was pulling some sort of trick after all.

His face shattered, McCarthy slumps sideways against the van wall and murmurs a few clicks before he stops moving.

At the launch site the team move in and Jackson learns of McCarthy’s death. Briggs turns up and confronts Truss about Finnerman and the Hunters.  Jackson covers the murder and tells Briggs to start his portion of the mission.

Regan distracts a guard. She and Flynn then  infiltrate the base. Abby catches Liana sabotaging the launch.   Regan’s mother admits to being an Exalted  and that taking on human form was never an accident. She also calls Musa a traitor. Liana and Abby fight.

Abby defeats Liana. Carroll finds a very sick Musa and his last feeler. The Hunter Leader  tells Flynn that his scar is a sign.  Abby is hunted by Liana who tracks her down. She begins to shoot her when Regan shows up and shoots her mother.

Musa tells Flynn that the Exalted will destroy the planet and that he sent Abby to look after him. Flynn and Musa fight and he kills Musa. Abby arrives and saves Flynn from the Feeler. Briggs cannot disable all the nuclear devices.

Truss orders everyone to leave. He also tells his  team to leave the Hunters in the ship. Briggs drives off and leaves Regan to die. Flynn drags Abby away from the trapped Hunters and Liana tells Regan that Musa sabotaged the launch.

Liana talks Regan into joining her. Truss, Briggs. Abby and Flynn all depart the area as a mushroom cloud fills sky.

Hunters  has been been a grim telling of aliens among us. It has been, at times, a fairly difficult series to like. The final episode had  enough double dealings in the Hunter camp that  things got a little confusing. One thing for certain is that Liana is an Exalted which must mean that Regan is as well.

Hunters has been tense and pretty entertaining despite the sometimes bleak nature of the show. . The only humor in the series  came from McMahon’s character which helped this  dour journey.  The series ended on an obligatory cliff hanger, of sorts, and it is not known whether Hunters will be back or not.


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