Guilt: Blood Ties – Busted (Review)


After last week’s lax interpretation of England’s attitude toward guns, Guilt moves away from the most recent murderous activities and focusses on the death of Molly. In “Blood Ties” Bruno is forced to help Prince Theo find a stooge for the Irish girl’s murder. Luc is busted for dealing and Molly tells a lie.  Natalie makes a connection with DS Bruno.

Daisy is still not the most caring and sharing young lady in terms of her best friends murder.  But at least she has company in not being the brightest ornament on the tree. Luc  Pascal (Zachary Fall), Daisy’s boyfriend  manages to fall neatly into a “sting” where the second he takes money for drugs the vice cops surround him and take him in.

Molly’s brother Kevin did not take Hall’s advice and leave London. He is still searching for clues as to who murdered his sister.  He learns about the posh totty club and that Molly worked there as a hooker. He reacts angrily to this news and refuses to believe that his little sister was “like that.”

At the start of “Blood Ties” Natalie notices someone following Daisy and her on their morning run. After she drops Daisy off at Luc’s flat, she finds a man taking pictures through the flat’s windows of her sister and her French boyfriend.

She tries to take the camera and a scuffle breaks out between her and the photographer. He turns out to be a policeman and Natalie is arrested for assault.  Gutterie comes down to New Scotland Yard and gets her off.

Luc is forced to do more painting for a special showing. He is stressed and angry because he knows it is to capitalize on Molly’s  murder. When he tells Daisy she is unfazed, telling Luc that Molly will still be just as dead.

Later she is taking photos of Luc when she discovers a packet of drugs in his coat pocket and the two have a fight.

Natalie coerces  Bruno into telling her more about why Daisy is being followed. While she and the detective are talking in the pub, Hall comes in and sees them together.  The prosecutor leaves angrily.

Bruno reveals that the cop’s following Daisy are from the crown prosecution and not any of his colleagues.  Natalie meets with Hall and the prosecutor talks her into bringing Daisy in for questioning. Gutterie attends as well.

At the interrogation  Hall drops a bombshell. She asks Daisy why Molly had her best friend’s blood and skin cells under her nails.  Daisy immediately freezes. Stan and Natalie both say the interview is over but Daisy refuses to move.

After a few moments of looking like a deer in the headlights, Daisy claims the evidence is from Molly piercing her belly button. Hall does not believe her.

Bruno is taken off the case by a vindictive Hall and later he and Natalie hook up. At the art showing, Roz   stops by  and Daisy gets testy.  Later Luc discovers he still has the cocaine and goes to dump it.

A young man comes up and asks Luc if he can score some blow and the artist gives the drug to him.  After handing him some money,  that Luc initially refuses,  the young man insists.  Luc the takes the proffered money  and the police come in and nab him for dealing.

Daisy is furious.

Guilt still has issue with characters who are unlikeable.  Gwendolyn Hall is biased and wants to convict Daisy as she is certain the American girl killed her flatmate.  Bruno is crooked and both Natalie and her sister are still annoying.

Prince Theo is remarkably priggish for one so young and appears to be a red herring in this murder mystery. He is so obviously meant to be the main suspect that it cannot possibly be him.  However, like the rest of the characters he is so unpleasant that if he does turn out to be the killer it will come as no real surprise.

Perhaps the worst bit of the entire episode was Daisy’s interrogation scene. The girls is so obviously lying about the belly button piercing. This is later reinforced when she and Luc talk about it and questions her information.

Guilt airs Mondays on Freeform. Tune in, if the show has not put you off already, and see who really did kill Molly.


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