Killjoys: Wild, Wild Westerly (Recap and Review)

Killjoys - Season 2

Last week saw the Killjoys reunited and the decision was made to rescue Pawter and Alvis. “Wild, Wild Westerly” sees the Killjoys truly back together as a team after going to RAC to reinstate D’Avin.  The trio get a shock when Turin (Patrick Garrow) strolls into the room. 

Last season it seemed that Khlyen killed Turin. Believing the “dead man” to be a Level 6 D’Av grabs the man and throws him on table. Dutch demands they check to see if he has a wound. Turin does, it has not healed yet, and they let him loose.

Turing gives D’Avin back his Killjoy status. The team are a little disappointed at the lack of ceremony.  After reinstatement they  demand a warrant for Old Town. Turin warns Dutch that he will be watching the team.

The Killjoys and Pree approach the wall outside of Old Town and get zapped when it identifies the bar owner as a war lord. The four wake up hanging from the ceiling. Jellco arrives and releases the quartet after some discussion.

He explains that the warrants are to be served on eight  escapees from Blue Unit of the Westhole prison.

The group head through the ruins of Old Town which is covered with body bags. As they approach the Royal, Pree hears music and sees that someone has taken over his bar.  Dutch confronts the “new owner” Gared (Gavin Fox); a muscle bound thug. She offers to fight him for the bar while Johnny scans for Bucky the first name on their list. 

When he finds the warrant Dutch finishes the fight with Gared by injuring his leg. As she and Johnny approach Bucky he kills himself rather than face going back to prison. Pree has his bar back and gets the line of the episode:

“All right b*tches. Who’s up for cleaning brains off of brick.”

The Killjoys  head to the prison, where the remaining seven are supposed to be hiding, and discover a lot of “weird” dead bodies and a man in a hazmat suit; Carl (Jameson Kraemer). Carl confesses to the reclamation agents that he set off a gas when the prison break occurred and it killed a lot of inmates.  

Killjoys - Season 2
Dutch looking at the weird bodies.

They learn that Tyman made it out with all the weapons and a spare tank of the mummifying gas. Jellco orders the Killjoys to kill Tyman and they refuse.  He makes threats toward the team and Johnny gets the second best line of the episode:

“That guy is the dickiest dick who ever dicked.”

The  Killjoys find Pawter. They bring one of the mummified bodies for the doc to look at.  As D’Avin lays the body bag on a gurney he warns Pawter to “brace herself” as it it pretty bad. Pawter then ties Johnny for second best line of the episode as she unzips  the bag:

“Last week a guy came in carrying his own intestines…But if it makes you feel better ‘Ooh a mummy. So messed up.'”

Simms cuts open the corpse and finds the insides are dust. Dutch explains that this was caused by a company gas. She also reveals that an extra tank is on the loose in Old Town. Pawter tells Dutch that the only way to counteract the effects would be to swallow a lake.

She then takes the Killjoys to see Company Office Hills Oonan (Frank Moore) who explains it was called an “aridity” solution. He claims that there is no surviving the gas. 

Johnny tires to get Pawter to get her mother involved with what is happening in Old Town and she says it will not help. The Killjoys find Alvis who is taking drugs from criminals on the street to help Pawter.

Gared tries to rob Simms and she knocks him down and stomps on his injured leg. The muscleman cries out “What is wrong with you b*tches?”

Alvis gets Dutch in to see Tyman and Jellco double-crosses the Killjoys. Company drones have followed the team to the last escapee and the gas. The flying weapons start shooting everyone and they kill the final prisoner.

After Jellco’s drones attack Alvis grabs the tank and they all leave the building. Hills takes Pawter to see Jellco and Dutch refuses to hand over the tank to Liam Jellco. He tells the residents of Old Town to turn over Dutch, dead or alive, and the gas for a reward.

The Killjoys head back to Pree’s bar and into the tunnels. Pawter and Hills meet with Jellco. He refuses to let her leave Westerly and confronts Oonan for warning the town about the bombing.  Hills says that saving those people saved him.

“Where are your saviors now?” Jellco asks as he shoots Hills in the head killing him. As Dutch, Alvis and D’Avin walk through the tunnels  the holy man reveals that Scarbacks were on Arkyn a long time ago.

Alvis releases the gas in order to flood Spring Hills, where Jellco is. The Killjoys tell him that Pawter is there trying to  get help from her mother and the Nine Families. Alvis pulls the gas out of the system and inhales some. He starts to die.

D’Avin puts on an air mask and enters the room. Grabbing Alvis he flings him into a vat of water. After a few desperate moments they revive Alvis. Dutch punches him after he begins to breathe.

She returns the empty  gas canister to Jellco. He reveals that he wants the Old Town denizens suffer to regain face.  He also wants to impress the Quad. Pawter Simms stays behind and Jellco lies about Hills.

Johnny kisses Pawter giving her a communication  device. As they leave Johnny tells Pawter to make a noise if she can hear him. She begins to laugh. Gared limps  into Pree’s bar demanding it back. Pree attempts to bargain with the thug, who refuses to cooperate. Pree then stabs Gared in the hand. The bar is still his.

As the Killjoys leave Westerly with Alvis,  Lucy’s control of the ship is overridden and the craft returns to the planet.  Before that Dutch asks for Alvis’ help and he says yes. Dutch believes that Khylen has taken over the vessel.

They land and discover that Turin took over their ship. He reveals that despite what he told them earlier the RAC is compromised by the Level 6 group. He also tells them that Khlyen’s people bombed Red 17 flat after D’Avin’s escape.

Turin tells Dutch that they will be working together to fight the Level 6 invasion.

This episode of Killjoys  revealed more about Pree and brought Hilary “Hill” Oonan back from the dead only to kill him.  It also introduced Liam Jellco as another douche in power that the team will be up against.

Turin surviving Khlyen’s skewering him last season was also a surprise but being a personal favorite it was nice to see the character return. The series is slowing peeling back more layers from other characters and not just the Killjoy team.

It has to be said that “Ethan Mars” actor Pascal Langdale gives great bad guy. Thus far in Canada he has played a nasty bit of work on the Jennette McCurdy summer replacement series Between and now in Killjoys he is another unlikeable baddie.

Killjoys - Season 2
Sarah Power as Pawter, Hannah John-Kamen as “Dutch

By the end of this episode, it appears that Turin is an ally and that Pawter is being held prisoner. Pree has his bar back in Old Town and Alvis is along for the ride. Going back to the mirror scene at the start of the episode; it is mystifying that Dutch’s image did not move when she did.

Is this hinting at some sort of duality or perhaps a twin? Only time and more episodes can answer that question. Killjoys airs Fridays on SyFy and Space.


Guest Starring: Pascal Langdale as Jellico 

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