Chelsea: Blake Shelton, Aubrey Plaza & Dolphin Penises (Review)

Chelsea Handler

Before looking at the last two Chelsea episodes on Netflix we would like to make a request of the show’s  producer; Chelsea Handler.  “Please can there be more Aubrey Plaza on your show?”  Anyone who can make us laugh that hard while talking about dolphin penises is a plus.  Blake Shelton was cute, talking about his relationship with “older woman” Gwen Stefani. So he was also a good guest.

So too was the star of the new Tarzan flick (The Legend of Tarzan) – son of Stellan Skarsgård (Thor, River) – Alexander Skarsgård.  The Swedish actor gave “good interview” and apart from inheriting his father’s talent for acting also got his dad’s height.

Other guests included politicians that we have never heard of before;  a congressman and a 19 year old democrat delegate (we think). A chap from NASA  also stopped by to talk Mars, Martian water and divulged a few facts about the red planet. All in all the NASA talk was more informative and less confusing than the political lesson.

Ms. Handler gave out a lesson in how men should dress (Flip-flops are a no-no even if worn with socks – we would have said especially is worn with socks – so too is the wearing of bedazzled jeans) and did a few public service announcements on the “non-specialness” of kids.

The two shows this week left behind the pharmaceutical fascination and focussed more on comedy and “learning.” (Although as we said earlier the Mars bit was entertaining and illuminating while the politics was pretty much yawn inducing.)

The Aubrey Plaza and Tarzan episode was brilliantly funny. Comedian and actress Plaza (who specializes in dead-pan delivery) spoke a bit about her upcoming film – “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” (which was based on a true story according to Plaza’s costar Adam DeVine on an earlier episode) and eventually reached the subject of the dolphin prehensile penises.

Skarsgård talked about his Tarzan diet, six small meals a day (mostly chicken and broccoli) and no alcohol.  He also mentioned his idea for a sequel to the film, an older heavier Tarzan.

(Sidenote: While we enjoyed  the interaction between Chelsea and the kids at the start of the show, we doubt that they are real children. These are obviously “stunt children” or child actors. Way too articulate for the real deal…and they are amusing. Just saying.)

Boback Ferdowsi from Nasa was the follow-on from a very funny Aubrey Plaza with his informative little talk about the red planet and manned spaceflights to it. Ferdowsi helped with the Mars rover and also trotted out some information about the data retrieval machine.

The previous episode featured Blake Shelton who talked about his new fiancee Gwen Stefani. He also gave Miley Cyrus a shoutout and discussed the young performer with Chelsea.    (High note of this  episode was Ms. Handlers rhyming observation: “Stitches don’t get B*tches.”)

Away from the studio Chelsea visited the new Mayor of a small Florida town, William Shearon; the first visually impaired person to hold the position.

Chelsea’s next guest was former US congressman Barney Frank who was entertaining right up until the governmental lesson.  Weston Lindemann, the youngest democratic delegate, joined the proceedings and the entire segment became confusing for those who have problems understand the whole process.

Ms. Hander then spoke with her father Seymour  outside the studio.  The topic was politics and the candidates on offer.

Both episodes were amusing but it was Plaza’s dolphin tale that reached comic heights.   Chelsea Handler is eclectic fun and her show’s guest list is varied.  We have fallen in love with the host of Chelsea. Thank you Netflix for allowing us to get our fill of this performer.

Chelsea airs on Netflix. If you missed it, go now and watch Aubrey Plaza warn of the dangers connected to dolphin penises. It is funny.


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