Killjoys: Season Two Premiere Dutch and the Real Girl (Preview) [Update]

 Killjoys - Season 2

[UPDATE] The actress playing Clara in this episode is Stephanie Leonidas and not Allie MacDonald, who was a different Clara from Season one. Mike’s Film Talk apologizes to Stephanie (who kicked arse in the role) and we have changed the information to reflect the correct performer.

Killjoys are back on 1 July and the season premiere “Dutch and the Real Girl,” has the team still split up. Last season saw the bombing of Old Town and while Pree, Johnny and Dutch got out Pawter did not.  D’Av is being “tested” by Khlyen while his brother and fellow killjoy work to find him. Pree is along for the ride.

The players return moving through the first episode at an adrenaline fueled pace.   D’Avin learns a quite a bit about Khlyen, including why the Level Six wants him to join the ranks.  Pree turns out to have a rather checkered past, something that helps Dutch and Johnny in their search for D’Av.

We also learn more about Level Six’s and this enhances their already impressive mythology.  Dutch, Johnny and Pree make a good team. The trio  are funny, especially the bartender/bar owner. Pree is funny and very entertaining in the quest to free the third killjoy.

Along the way another ally is picked up. A very special young woman who, after a moment of debate, joins the trio to help them find D’Av. London actress Stephanie Leonidas  is Clara, a strong character with an assist or two that makes her very formidable. 

On top of the Level Six threat there is, apparently, another more deadly group.  Red 17 (first encountered in season one) is still there and this is where the killjoys must go to find D’Avin.

All the humor from season one is still there as is the close bond between our heroes.  Without giving anything away, the first two episodes of season two reveals that Pree has been hiding his light under a basket. Past “skills” (or skeletons according to Pree) are many and this new information  seems  to quantify the feeling that there was always more to the bar owner than met the eye.

There is a touch of romance or,  at the very least, a mutual appreciation society of two (three counting Lucy) and  Dutch knows when D’Av lies to her.

The opening episode reveals a lot in terms of who the bad guy really is.

John-Kamen still is still one of the strongest female role models on television and Ashmore, along with Macfarlane continue to work well as her “cohorts in crime.” Thom Allison is still delightful as Pree and Rob Stewart continues to be mysterious and not a little scary as Khlyen.

This Canadian export, along with Dark Matter has returned to SyFy to make Friday nights fun again.  Killjoys has a good bit of subterfuge going on along with a lot of action.  Dutch is a tough leader who is not afraid to take on the giant in the room.

Show creator Michelle Lovretta (who also created Lost Girl ) has the series looking great and the characters acting as we expect.  The “bounty hunters” are still excellent entertainment value. Although it has to be said that Johnny is a little less flippant this go around. 

Killjoys airs Fridays on SyFy. Tune in tomorrow and get your fix. We will see you there.


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2 thoughts on “Killjoys: Season Two Premiere Dutch and the Real Girl (Preview) [Update]”

  1. Wrong Clara, Stephanie Leonidas is Clara in this episode. AKA Irisa from Defiance.

    The Clara in your article was from Season 1 episode 5, Vessel.


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