Guilt: Exit Wounds – Getting It So Wrong (Review)


Guilt on Freeform continues to irritate rather than entertain.  “Exit Wounds “keeps getting it so wrong in terms of the law in England.  This week it is specifically gun laws and the reactions of the “Old Bill” (slang for police) to guns and their use in self defense.  First of all the courts and law enforcement do not really want the citizenry to defend themselves.

The cops would much rather find your cold dead body and then work to prosecute the culprit rather than find you standing over your assailant victorious and unharmed. Violence, in the United Kingdom,  is left to the experts, i.e. the police.

This is, after all, the country where celebrity Myleene Klass was strongly rebuked in 2010 for “brandishing a knife” at intruders in her home. She was alone there with her child and flashed the kitchen implement in an effort to make them leave. The cops were not best pleased.

In terms of using a gun as self defense, Norfolk farmer Tony Martin was arrested in 1999 and done for murder after shooting at two  burglars. He killed one and did three years for defending himself and his property.

It is highly unlikely that the Old Bill would have been so understanding toward Mrs. Linley for getting a hunting rifle out to defend her husband and home. (Granted she shot her cheating hubby and Patrick Ryan and then lied about it. Regardless of her telling the detective’s “porkies” (slang for lies) they would  not responded so sympathetically.)

(One last sidenote about the rifle.  Gun laws in the UK are beyond stringent. Owners must have a proper certificate and the weapon, if stored at home, must be in a locked case.  Not to mention that in all likelihood the thing should have been a shotgun rather than a proper hunting rifle with a scope. Guns in the UK are exorbitantly priced and while a university professor may be able to afford a weapon that would cost thousands of pounds to own, it is unlikely.)

Back to the plot: This week Guilt sees Mrs. Linley paying a visit to her wounded husband and Grace.  Patrick is seen to by his girlfriend, aka Madame Prosecutor and  then turned in. Stan’s plan to recover Molly’s phone goes awry when the blackmailer turns out to be much cleverer   than he is. James is definitely not a nice man and the prince apparently got Molly pregnant.

Grace falters under the weight of all the haters on social media and overdoses on her sisters sleeping pills. Natalie feels responsible and when she waits to visit Grace meets the reporter who tipped Patrick Ryan off previously.

It does seem that the prince is the one with something to hide. He goes to intimidate  DS Bruno and it seems to work. (Which is rather interesting as the royal family have no real power at all.)  But this move can be somewhat overlooked as it appears that the prince has  information on Bruno that the detective sergeant does not want out.

Right now the prince probably  wants his visits to the “50 Shades” club kept secret. It would also seem that he wants any news of his being the father of the child Molly was carrying when she died kept quiet as well.

There was one high note in the third episode of Guilt. The bus scene with the blackmailer, her man and the Manchester football supporters, aka hooligans. It was odd that they got involved with the little fracas with the backpack. (Although later it all makes perfect sense.) At the end of the scene, Gutterie postures and threatens only to be head butted in the face and it is priceless.

It seems that the ex-pat lawyer is not “all that” after all.

Grace does a “Paula Deen” and speaks to her haters, except it appears to be either on periscope or snapchat and not on video. Her spiel goes over well and she gets a flood of support.  Herein lies the main problem (apart from the English things that are off) with Guilt.

We have a dead pregnant girl, slashed to rag doll ribbons that was the BFF of Grace Atwood. Thus far the amount of tears shed for her dead bestie would not fill a shot glass or an egg cup. Self centered to the nth degree, it has all been about Daisy’s pain and upset. Most annoying.

Guilt airs  Mondays  on Freeform.  Stop by and see how you feel about the show and Grace. It may get better. For example, Natalie was far less irritating this week…


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