Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life: What the Fudge, FOX?


Before looking at episode 13 of Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life; “How to Survive Your Birthday,” let us take a moment to ask FOX a quick annoyed question.  What the fudge?  We understand that you do not think too highly of your series.  Moving the time slot, weeks going by with no episodes and then slapping two together in what looked like a season  one finale, meant that finding the show was beyond difficult.

Is it any  wonder that the viewing figures dropped?

(It was even hard to find an episode guide on IMDb to see what segment  was scheduled next.  Right now it appears that FOX could be  even worse than NBC in shafting the hell out of their own shows. Re: The Player…)

In what could really be the season one finale, which last Sunday’s double episode obviously was not, episode 13 proved that the writers could dig deep and come up with a ending installment that rocked.  They  provided  multiple sets of whammies  in the storyline.

Romona (Victoria Justice)  yanking Cooper’s trousers down to his ankles, whilst on her knees,  in front of an apartment full of people. Food poisoning. Almost getting eaten by a bear. Being saved by a “mountain man” they believe to be a baby-faced bank robber and that they kidnap. And last but not least;  Josh (Justin Bartha) and Leslie (Liza Lapira) getting stuck with “meth-head” Arvid in the mini-van. 

(On a sidenote here. Who knew that “The Swede” aka Christopher Heyerdahl could do so well at comedy. The actor was truly funny and fit right in with this talented crowd of actors.)

In terms of wrapping things up “How to Survive Your Birthday” at last answers the question of “will they, won’t they?” Romona does make her play though actively seducing Cooper (Jack Cutmore-Scott). That little slice of lust on the carpet is cut short although later on she does move in again on Cooper. 

Kelly too makes her feeling known with planning Cooper’s party for three weeks and splashing out some serious moolah on entertainment and a party bus.

Regardless of intent, we finally  have the Cooper and Kelly (Meaghan Rath) connection that has been hovering around since the first episode.  Sure we knew these two were fated to be together but the fact that is has transpired in episode 13 probably means that there will be no season two. 

Major kudos to the writers who got to wrap up all their  threads in this episode. Some of the better gags in the show included the long running Neal as lesbian with glasses joke.  The entire storyline, with the Cooper disastrous birthday backstory was funny as was Kelly’s being angry with Barrett through most of the episode.

Congratulations to all the actors in the series for putting it on the line with their characters. James Earl and Charlie Saxton were two integral members of an ensemble cast who never disappointed.  

There has been no official word on Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life being cancelled or renewed. Considering how little faith the network has shown in the series  thus far it does not seem likely that the show will be renewed.

Still, at least the show ended on a high note or two. A funny storyline that has  Cooper and Kelly “getting it on” at the end while Boyz II Men plays in the background. If Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life is shot down we can say with all honesty that, “We miss you already Ms. Rath.”

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