Wayward Pines: Sound the Alarm – Planet of the Apes (Review)


It may be a bit of a stretch, but it appears that Wayward Pines has turned into Planet of the Apes. (Or conceivably I Am Legend with a variation on a theme. In “Sound the Alarm,” it becomes even more apparent that the residents of the Pines are really the aberrations. and not the Abbies.

(The Planet of the Apes connection is not too tenuous. There is a similarity in evolution changing man’s role in world. A shift in time lines; in the film a time warp and in the series a time lapse. There is also the fact that a version of man has “devolved” although one does expect to hear “Margaret” yell out, “Get your hands off me you dirty *fill in blank here.*)

There is clearly more going on here that just “natural” evolution. The world class catastrophe which created the new breed of man appears to have altered more than the civilized behavior missing in these new humans. Telepathy or a hive mentality (which is sort of the same thing) has manifested in the Abbies.

“Margaret” is clearly communicating with the her fellow creatures outside the fence while they destroy the cornfield. She is deep inside mission control and strapped to a gurney but is it obvious that the aberration is “talking” or giving orders to her followers.

(In this instance perhaps the lab technician should have called the female Abbie Boudicca after the fierce leader of the Iceni who fought  against the Roman transgressors. She was fearless and a skilled leader of a band of warriors who gave the invaders a very rough time.  Just saying.)

Wayward Pines this week gives more backstory to Rebecca Yedlin (Nimrat Kaur) and, along with Dr. Yedlin (Jason Patric) we learn that Rebecca is married to Xander Beck (Josh Helman).   Theresa Burke learns that Adam Hassler (Tim Griffin) meant for her husband Ethan to disappear. Adam loves Theresa and felt that Ethan did not deserve her (he was having an affair with a co-worker back then) but things went all pear shaped. 

Tony Jones appears again as the founder of Wayward Pines and in the flashback sequences Megan Fisher (Hope Davis) also makes an appearance. David’s sister Pam does not show up in these memories which is interesting to say the least. 

Speaking of Fisher it seems a certainty that this control freak who created the privileged attitude in the First Generation is now on a path of no return.  Not only has she questioned Jason and Meredith, but she also has annoyed Yedlin and Margaret. Out of this group that Megan has antagonized it will most likely be (ironically) the female Abbie who will take this major annoyance out of Wayward Pines.

Obviously the Abbies are more intelligent than previously thought. The mark on Margaret’s  palm is clearly “man-made.” It could be a tattoo but one wonders if the mark is indicative of a pervious scientific experiment, something that occurred during the catastrophe that created the creatures.

Rochelle Okoye as “Margaret”

After all, Pilcher did “slingshot” his little slice of humanity past the event.  The knowledge base of Wayward Pines is limited in that it has no information from the time of the catastrophe. Abbies could have been developed in a lab, genetically “blended” to ensure the survival of mankind.

If this is the case, and evidence seems to point to this as a viable theory, then all of Pilcher’s people are the aberrations and not the creatures outside the fence. Margaret and her “tribe” may be the true survivors of mankind who are indeed replacements for the denizens of Wayward Pines.

A word on the Generational’s requirement to procreate (or breed). Poor Frank (Michael Garza) apparently learning that he swings for the other team and freaking out because of it. Seems that in this new world being gay is not an option.  It leads to a death sentence according to Frank…

The series airs Wednesdays on FOX. Tune in and see if Frank survives his revelation and whether or not “Margaret” is the Boudicca of the Abbies.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

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