Preacher: The Possibilities and Monster Swamp (Review)


“The Possibilities” gives a little backstory on Tulip and we finally meet Danny. The episode carries on from the previous episode  “See” where Jesse told the comatose girl to open her eyes.  Custer uses his Genesis voice more and more, while not noticing the few side effects its use brings.

Coma girl does have her eyes open but there is no more activity in them than those of a doll’s empty eyes.  Tulip convinces Jesse to undertake punishing their former co-worker but he changes his mind, much to her fury. The wife beater returns in an attempt to inflict a little punishment on Jesse. He does not as that Genesis voice comes close to ordering the man to blow his brains out.

Cassidy has another run in with the two angels. The two tell the vampire that they are from heaven.  This occurs  after he runs them down and kills them with the church van.  While he looks for cleaning materials to dispose of their corpses they show back up.  They explain that they are not there for him.

The two explain about the coffee can and their mission and  Cassidy tells them he will help. Only after being paid off to “mediate” for the two heavenly visitors he heads off to the local whore house to spend his newly earned money on drugs and sex.

In “Monster Swamp” the episode begins with  a  young woman being hunted down by a group of Quincannon’s  men. The underwear clad victim is not alone. There are a number of young women in their smalls being hunted down.  At last the woman Lacy is caught by Clive who shoots her with a paintball gun. As she moves backward a sinkhole appears under her feet and swallows her up.

Later her mud covered body is recovered from the hole and Quincannon comes out to make a very short  speech about safety and telling the other women, all hookers from the local cat house,  to be more careful when running out in the countryside.

Jesse has flashbacks to his childhood. The church in those days was full and his father a respected member of the clergy. Cassidy tries to tell Custer about the two angels and the preacher is not overly interested. Jesse does notice the damage to the van.

Custer tells Emily (Lucy Griffithsthat he wants to  hold a raffle for a flat screen television to fill up the church. She finally agrees to the idea. Cassidy meets with Fiore and DeBlanc who pay  the vampire to  talk Jesse into meeting with them.

Jackie Earle Haley as Odin Quincannon

Fiore and DeBlanc wait for Cassidy to bring  Jesse back and when they believe that their heaven phone is ringing, DeBlanc gets very stressed. It turns out to be the hotel room phone and the manager asking about check out.

The mayor and Emily are having an affair, but she tells the man that she will never “be” with him. Tulip braces Clive who proves he is a real douche. Not long after all the men in the brothel get a freebie,

Tulip  goes upstairs  to beat the Clive up. She mistakenly goes after Cassidy who falls out a window and is ,she believes, seriously  injured.

Rushing the injured vampire to the emergency room she attempts to  get him treated. As Tulip urges the receptionist to hurry, Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) guzzles the blood bank dry.

Jesse talks Odin Quincannon into attending church, promising him his father’s land, if, the preacher cannot convert the meat magnate during the service. The two men talk over Odin’s Alamo recreation and Quincannon agrees to the bet.

At church on Sunday, the place is packed (like Jesse’s flashback) and Odin is in the congregation. After telling his flock that they have turned their back on God he claims that he will get Odin to give up his old ways.  Using his Genesis voice on Quincannon, Custer gets Odin to agree.

Back at the hotel room, the “heaven” phone begins to ring.

The interesting thing to note are the aftereffects of Jesse’s using Genesis on the bus driver. After being told to forget about  the underage student that he was  besotted with, the man has been acting oddly.

If Jesse telling the driver to forget about the girl prompted this quirky behavior , it may be that his use of Genesis has caused some sort of odd echo in the man’s brain. The driver is constantly driving the empty school  bus at all hours. What will Odin do?

Preacher airs Sundays on AMC.

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