Wynonna Earp: House of Memories – Origami Promises (Review)

 Wynonna Earp - Season 1

This penultimate episode of “Wynonna Earp” continues revealing more about Willa and in the tree house of memories the eldest Earp heir has visions of origami promises.  Dolls regresses Willa who has memories of the house and of the night she was taken.

At the start of the episode Wynonna and Willa are questioning Whiskey Jim (who Willa calls Bourbon Bob) and the eldest heir shoots the revenant when he is too slow to answer.  Wynonna is not pleased as “he was not ours to kill.”

The eldest Earp is rather nasty to Nicole Haught and Waverly still does not trust the newly returned Willa.  Bobo’s poison maker, Bubba, was the revenant who kidnapped Doc and he  holds the gunman prisoner while he perfects the formula. He also gets Holliday to give him knife throwing lessons.

Dolls and Wynonna do some investigation and Willa walks in on Nicole and Waverly’s make-out session in the barn.  Back at the revenant questioning Wynonna tries to shoot a biker demon and Peacemaker fizzles out.

One of the bikers, who made up the wet team meant to kill Dolls, reveals that Judge Cryderman (David LeReaney) ordered the hit.  Doc’s burnt out Caddy is found with no sign of the gunman anywhere.  Bobo approaches Willa with the lure of a blue swan origami figure. Waverly shoots the demon and sends him away. 

Doc learns from Bubba who he is working for and what the demon is making. He also learns that the whole town is meant to die.

Wynonna and Dolls find Cryderman who is trying to hang himself.  He tells the U.S. Marshal that Bobo forced his hand and this was why he attempted to kill Dolls.  He tells them about he party that Del Rey invited the entire town to at the Wainwright Hotel.

As the two black badge agents go to leave Cryderman blows his brains out. Doc witness the effect of the poison and is horrified.

Willa and Waverly find the treehouse where the young Willa was held captive. There are blue origami figures everywhere and Willa remembers Constance Clootie erasing her memory and freeing her.  She also has flashbacks of Bobo Del Rey being in the house with her.

Another memory is that Willa witnessed her father make a deal with Bobo about the lead and leaving the Ghost River Triangle. Ward Earp was meant to walk Bobo out of the Triangle and Wynonna finds the letter outlining what was the lead is.

Doc gets loose and kills Bubba.

Waverly and Nicole meet up at the party and a drunken Champ become belligerent. Willa urges Waverly to celebrate and drink the champagne.  She also works hard at being nice to the youngest Earp.  Wynonna sneaks in with Peacemaker.

She hands the gun over to Willa and Waverly is clearly uncomfortable with this decision.   Later, Wynonna  meets with Dolls who is impressed with her outfit. She shows him the letter to Robert Svane from Wyatt and the document explains everything.

For the revenants to leave, the Earp heir has to willing escort the demons across the line. Ward Earp made the deal  to do that and Bobo took Willa as insurance causing everything fell apart. After learning about the letter, Willa once again urges the group to drink the champagne.

Champ verbally accosts Haught and the sheriff tells him off. He reacts badly, breaking his champagne flute and foaming at the mouth.  Haught clotheslines the young man and handcuffs him. Wynonna tells Dolls about Peacemaker failing and her disappointment at Willa obviously being the heir.

Dolls and Wynonna kiss just as Doc arrives. Holliday smells the champagne and realizes that Bobo has poisoned it. The revenant arrives, wearing latex arm length  gloves, and informs the townspeople that they will go crazy and die. He does tell the group that they will get the antidote if they bring Wynonna to him dead or alive.

Waverly and Willa go to leave and they get separated when they bump into Nicole. Willa meets Bobo, aka Robert Svane, and she hands him a blue swan origami figure. They hold hands and start walking down the road.

“Wynonna Earp” this week sets a lot of things in motion and reveals a few more interesting things about the verse. For example, there appears to be a bit of a bromance going on between Doc and Dolls. Another reveal is that Waverly clearly does not trust Willa.

(We do not trust the eldest Earp girl either and that was before she walked off hand-in-hand with Robert “Bobo Del Rey” Svane at the end.)

Ward Earp sold out his family name to keep his kids safe and then lost Willa anyway and then was shot by his middle daughter Wynonna.  This lead to a break in the curse until Wynonna came back to Purgatory.

In terms of performances, Tim Rozon is still brilliant at playing Holliday and Shamier Anderson was great at making Dolls more “human” for a change. Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Katherine Barrell could get the award for best couple in a television series.Melanie Scrofano was touching in the scene where she believes that not being the heir means becoming “normal” again. 

Kudos to Natalie Krill who is killing it as the Earp heir we love to hate and Michael Eklund was superb as always.  (Question: What was the deal with those elbow length “gimp gloves?” Bobo wears them at the party and then moments later when he meets Willa, they are gone. Come on Michael, or anyone else, spill.)

Next week is the finale and judging from what we have seen thus far, fans better watch this season’s last episode sitting down. “Wynonna Earp” finishes next Friday on SyFy, get ready to hold onto your hats.

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