Preacher: See – God’s Hit Men (Review)


With an adrenaline fueled opening, the pilot of “Preacher” was predictably going to be a hard act to follow and it was. “See” started a tad slow and esoteric (offering a somewhat oblique look at the  “Saint of Killers)  but then slowly evolved into a more interesting segment when “God’s” two hit men arrived at the church to “summon” or remove forcibly Genesis from the Jesse Custer.  Tulip provides a bit of comic relief and Cassidy proves that a vampire is more than a match for two “angels” in this second episode of the new series.

Custer (Cooper) is releasing that voice (Genesis) more in this episode and still fighting off Tulip (Negga) because he does not do bad things anymore.  (But we know that he will and that he does.)  Odin Quincannon (played by Jackie Earle Haley), a man who brings a Mac-truckload of workers and an entourage of muscle with him when he travels, is introduced. 

The highlight of this episode though was Cassidy (Gilgun).

(It is interesting to note, in this “Brit heavy” cast, that both Gilgun and Negga have worked on a series before, though not together. The simply brilliant, and quirky English E4 series “Misfits”  saw the two actors playing young offenders with special powers. Those interested can catch the entire series over on Hulu.)

Stepping away from the main plot lines of Tulip enticing Jesse (“Thanks for getting me all wet.”) to join her life of crime,  the pervert school bus driver and the coma girl (“Open your eyes.”) it is Cassidy who runs the show.

Coming back into the church to find a comatose Jessie about to be split open with a small chain saw, the vampire mistakenly believes that the two western garbed angels are little “Van Helsing’s” who want him. Before he can finish threatening the two, DeBlanc (Scottish actor Anatol Yusef ) shoots Cassidy in the stomach.

This sets off a splendid fight to the death in Custer’s church. Fiore (English actor Tom Brooke) uses the small chainsaw as a weapon and DeBlanc uses his pistol and later a hymnal to attack the vampire.

The battle is violent, bloody and manic.  Cassidy eventually overpowers the two angelic hit men and after devouring enough blood, self heals. He then cuts the two bodies up, deposits them in the giant box, that the two brought into the church,  but has to wait till sundown to bury them.

Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy – Preacher

The weird and archaic equipment that Fiore and DeBlanc used while attempting to capture Genesis was quirky. The slow motion turning of the musical crank and DeBlanc crooning the children’s nursery rhyme was odd and funny. (Just as funny was the idea that Genesis was to be contained in a coffee tin labelled “Old Time Coffee.”)

Custer himself was much less violent this week. His only real outpouring of hand’s on altercation being that of shoving the bus driver’s head in a hot tub of water while telling the miscreant to “forget the girl.”

There were some great little moments:  The sign “Free Jesus With Every Purchase” was a lovely touch. Does it imply that one free’s Jesus when they make a purchase, or that a free Jesus is given with every purchase?

Cassidy talking sh*te about “The Big Lebowski” and working the word “Sh*te” in several times – “Gob-sh*te being one variation on the word –  and his threatening to do drugs at the start of the episode.

Tulip at the whore house poker game, with Quincannon’s moving men, along with her kidnapping of Custer, was just brilliant. How can anyone not love what Ruth Negga brings to a role?

On that note, as good as Cooper is, both Negga and Gilgun own this series so far. Of course, Cooper’s character has not yet reached fruition with the power of Genesis so that may well change.

Sheriff Root (W. Earl Brown) dourly questioning the resurrected Fiore and DeBlanc at the end of the show was a surprise. Although resurrected may be a misnomer as the originals were hacked to pieces via chainsaw and buried. This is more a case of Fiore and DeBlanc 2.0. 

“See” ended on a cliffhanger of sorts. Jesse tells the girl in the coma to open her eyes, in that deep Genesis voice, and we will have to wait a week to see if it worked (although we know it will).

“Preacher” airs Sundays on AMC.  Tune in and catch some great performances, a quirky script and marvel at the genius of Seth Rogen and co.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

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