Wynonna Earp: She Wouldn’t be Gone – Willa? (Review)

Wynonna Earp - Season 1

“She Wouldn’t be Gone” is a pretty busy episode. Wynonna Earp and Doc’s secret sex tryst is out and Bobo now has Shorty’s (Gus’ bar) saloon. The Earp girls go down to “confront” Bobo and his gang of revenants and plant a microphone on the golden boot stationed at the bar. For a brief time they learn a few things of importance, one piece of information is that Bobo has an enemy; Lou.

Bobo finds the mic and relays the news that Doc Holliday has been stabling his “130 year old mustang” in Wynonna’s “ample paddock.” Dolls is not amused. Earp babbles and skirts the issue of having sex with Doc. Whiskey Jim is approached by Bobo and told that he needs to start giving Dolls information.

After confessing to Waverly that she and Doc have been having sex, Wynonna gives Holliday  the Stone Witch’s pink car.  She reveals that everyone knows they have been having sex and Earp reminds Doc that it is just sex and not a relationship.

Wynonna discovers the existence of Whiskey Jim and she helps Dolls question the revenant.  They learn more about Lou and that he hangs out in  the haunted Pine Barrens. The two go to the woods and get separated. Wynonna meets Lou and a group of his acolytes.  Earp is indoctrinated into his order.

Wynonna makes a connection with one girl in particular who is called Eve (Natalie Krill). Dolls is brought in and held captive. Wynonna escapes and releases her boss. They are caught by Lou and the young women who follow him. Lou marks their faces, like the young lady who is killed by a wolf at the start of the episode, and releases them  separately.

Wynonna goes back to look for Dolls who has rushed to his SUV for another injection. (Something is clearly wrong with the  US Marshall as he desperately injects himself and his eyes change again.)  Doc gets a ticket from Haught for driving without a license and Waverly wants to know why he is leaving.  Doc hints that it is because he believes that  Wynonna has no feelings for him. Now that Clootie has been vanquished, Holliday believes his usefulness is over.

Dolls and Wynonna meet up, he has rescued the Peacemaker and they head back to release the women and kill Lou.  Back at the house in woods, Lou has marked all his followers for death and gets ready to leave. Only Eve realizes that he has been lying to them and means to kill them all.

Earp and Dolls arrive and while he hides the girls from Lou’s skin-walker, Wynonna and Eve go to stop Lou (Gord Rand) from escaping on the snowmobile.  As the two confront Lou, who is also called Yiska, a huge bear comes up from behind and knocks the buntline special from Wynona’s hand. 

She shouts for Eve to grab the gun and stop Lou.  Eve finds Peacemaker in the snow, picks it up and points it at the fleeing revenant. The barrell begins to glow and she pulls the trigger sending Lou back to hell. The giant bear turns into a Navajo woman who thanks Wynonna before running away and Earp is stunned that Eve could use her weapon.

Back at the station, Dolls gives Wynonna some backstory on Lou and his first wife, a Navajo horse whisperer who was a skin-waker.  The young women all have someone to collect them, except for Eve. Earp invites the woman to stay with her at the homestead. The two arrive and Waverly attempts to explain about Doc leaving. Wynonna tells Waverly to wait and introduces Eve.

Gus comes out with a bottle of beer in her hand to tell the Earp girls to come in. Dropping the bottle when she spots Eve, Gus says, “Willa.”

“Wynonna Earp”  and “She Wouldn’t be Gone ” took a magical mystery tour approach to the revenant problems this week.  The skin-walker was a nice twist and Dolls apparently still has his problem.

Wynonna Earp - Season 1
Dolls meets the wolf.

(It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Is Dolls a demon-ish thing fighting evil, or are the injections a means of giving him demon strength that is addictive, hence the sweating and withdrawal symptoms when he gets low. It could well be like the potion in “Twins Effect” – aka “The Vampire Effect” –  or some sort of addictive aid, like the doomed FBI agent had to take  in the video game Heavy Rain. Only time, and more episodes, will clear this one up.)

Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Officer Haught (Katherine Barrell) are now an item but Doc (Tim Rozon) has departed  in the pick Cadillac.   Bobo (Michael Eklund) continues to play his revenge game with Wynonna.

Of course the big shocker of the episode was the Eve/Willa reveal. Is this woman found in the Pine Barren really Willa? It would explain why the Peacemaker worked but it does not explain how the oldest Earp sister could be alive.

Moreover, if Willa has been alive all these years, how is Wynonna the heir? Is it not the eldest who wields Peacemaker to send the revenants back to hell?  The revenants, the original seven, all taunted Wynonna about the death of Willa and how she took days to die. Was this a lie and if so, how could Earp use Peacemaker to kill revenants at all. If Eve is Willa then she should be the heir and only she should be able to dispatch the demons.

“Wynonna Earp” airs Fridays on SyFy.  This variation on a theme (in many ways this does feel a little like a Buffy redux) is pretty interesting stuff. It may be a bit  low budget but the actors all bring much to the table and the scripts, which do occasionally misfire ever so slightly (See what we did there?) are interesting enough to keep tuning back in for.

If you want to know whether Eve is Willa or not you will have to tune in next Friday.  Enjoy.

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