Wayward Pines: Blood Harvest – Ego Versus Ego (Review)


After Jason chucked both Ben Burke (Charlie Tahan) and Dr. Yedlin (Jason Patric) outside Wayward Pines’ security fence last week, “Blood Harvest” sees the apparent death of Ben and the rescue of Yedlin.  The good doctor would have, no doubt, been left outside to die if Jason’s girlfriend Kerry Campbell (Kacey Rohl) had not  been injured by an Abbie.  The dictator would not have gone out at all had the Abbies not tried to breach the electrified fence. Now that Yedlin is back inside, there will be a clash of egos between the leader and the surgeon. 

Megan Fisher (Hope Davis) has trained her little Hitlers well. Jason has complete control, now that Ben has been exiled and her extreme views have been hammered home. A small society being run by a group of entitled young people who have no real life experience apart from what Fisher has taught them.  It is a recipe for disaster as Yedlin discovers after he decides to cooperate and he learns of malnutrition and electric shock treatments and finds the town is a police state. 

Jason has not changed one iota from the first season. He is still a pushy and non-benevolent dictator.  A male version of the Red Queen (“All ways are my ways.”) who believes in his divine right to rule unchallenged.

While this season does not have quite the amount of unanswered questions as the first one, there are things that mystify.  For example, Rebecca Yedlin (Nimrat Kaur) appears to have some influence over Jason. In the little confrontation where Theo demands answers from Jason before he treats Kerry, Rebecca  guides the leader in the right direction. 

How she is able to do this is left unanswered.  Just as the question of how much she knew about Wayward Pines before the abduction and where she really fits.  She is an architect and works as the town’s beautician, yet she did do some architect work on the ice cream parlor.  She has been in the town for three years, why was she brought out of stasis so much earlier than her husband Theo?

The crops outside the fence are also problematic. With the Abbies outside  the town’s fence  being so plentiful and aggressive, how did the town plant the crops and then maintain them?  The second episode sees the first generation asking about whether the crops are ready for harvest and CJ Mitchum (Djimon Hounsou), after looking at the monitors,  says that they are.

An elaborate plan is hatched to harvest the produce and, once again, one wonders how they managed to grow the things outside the fence. (Granted this could be a bit of a plot hole here or something that wound up being edited out.)

Yedlin saves Kerry and takes over as the head of the Wayward Pines hospital. The two men’s egos clash while the surgeon allows his imagination to run free and he imagines that there are conspiracies everywhere.

The crops are harvested, after using  flamethrowers to drive the Abbies back and Ben Burke tries to get back behind the fence.

He fails.

Leaving a message, via the security webcam outside the fence, he tells his mother goodbye and apologizes for his actions.  He speaks directly to Jason about sentencing him to death. The leader orders the feed cut off.  Shortly after, Ben is attacked by Abbies and, presumably, killed.

Megan still the zealot.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Megan discovers that Jason “killed” Ben, another First Generation leader.  She was the one who passed down the rules to the new leaders.  Although clearly, Fisher likes Jason being in charge as he follows her strict philosophy.

Mario is accosted by Ben’s mother Theresa Burke (Shannyn Sossamon) who demands that they try to find her son. He tells his men to escort her home and it is clear that he is afraid of Jason.  

Yedlin learns that the rulers of the small town have gaps in  their knowledge base, specifically with  commons sense issues, like basic nutrition. A boy is brought in and found to be malnourished.  Theo  asks about multi-vitamins and is told by an internist that not everyone “qualifies.”

The doctor responds with angry disbelief:

“How does one ‘qualify’ for a vitamin?”

Jason is clearly intimated by Dr. Yedlin and reacts aggressively each time they interact, although that is the leaders reaction to anyone daring to question his actions.  More than any of the other Generational’s Jason seems  like a snotty kid “playing” at being a grownup. His grasp on the requirements of running a town are limited and naive. Thanks to Megan Fisher, he feels no personal need to increase his knowledge; all he requires is that everyone follow his rules to the letter.

It is interesting that the second season of Wayward Pines chose a surgeon to be the main protagonist. Surgeons are often accused of suffering a “God” complex where their egos and hubris exceed their humanity.  Jason also has a problem with ego something cultivated, in no small part, by Fisher and her teachings.

These two will clash and Theo Yedlin may not win this one.  While common sense dictates that a doctor is vital to the communities well being, it is the despot in charge who makes and changes the rules to suit himself.  If a denizen of the town must qualify for a multivitamin who is to say qualifying for medial care will not be next?


“Wayward Pines” airs Wednesdays on FOX.  Tune in and see where the show heads this season.

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