Hunters: The More I See You – Family Reunion (Review)

Hunters - Season 1

After Regan’s capture, attempted re-integration and escape the Hunters are intensifying their campaign and the ETU increase their efforts to catch Musa (Serhat Caradee). Abby helped Regan escape and her return to the organization is met with suspicion by Finnerman (Sarah Peirse) and Briggs (Mark Coles Smith). Even worse  is the loss of trust between Regan (Britne Oldford) and Truss (Lewis Fitz-Gerald). There is a family reunion for Regan and Truss finds an old adversary as well.

Flynn is having problems dealing with the reality of Abby and has recurring nightmares.  He handles these with pills and alcohol. Regan refuses to pass on what she learned from Musa and Abby until the ETU tell her what really happened to her parents.

Abby meets with Musa and learns that the “Purge” is not going well.

Jules Galloway (Gareth Davies), the mole for the Hunters, was killed by the creatures in payment for his leaking of information and it was during the “great hunt” that Regan got away. Truss demands that Finnerman tell Regan about her parents and she suggests torturing her own agent for information. Jackson urges Finnerman to tell Regan the truth.

Truss and Regan swap details. She reveals that Guanos are after a human, Sterling Martinez (Christopher Sommers) and Jackson tells Regan that Finnerman has the agent’s father in a secure facility.  Regan is not happy and Truss takes her to see the man himself. 

Alison learns more about her father and Musa and reaffirms that Jackson had nothing to do with her father’s capture or torture.  Briggs and Flynn go to pick up Martinez and Abby calls Flynn to turn herself in. Briggs goes in place of Flynn, insisting that it is a trap.

Regan learns that her mother tried to kill her father and that mom  is Musa’s “right-hand.” Jackson asks Regan to create a diversion and he explores the facility. Truss finds McCarthy (Julian McMahon) suspended in mid air and being tortured.  McCarthy asks for water and as Jackson trickles the fluid into the Hunter’s mouth he overpowers the ETU agent and escapes. 

Briggs meets with Abby and McCarthy leaves a trail of dead bodies behind as he leaves the secure facility. Martinez is taken by Abby after her helpers disable everyone with sonic blasts. Truss is angry at Finnerman’s deception but agrees to continue working for her.

Flynn learns about the scars on his arm and Briggs and he fight in the locker room.  Flynn wins, barely, but whether this will knock the snotty attitude out of Briggs remains to be seen.  McCarthy returns to Musa and pledges loyalty although it is not clear whether he means it or not.

It is pretty clear that McCarthy marches to the beat of his own drum and while he may feel the need to appease Musa, one gets the idea that rebellion is in his thoughts.

By the end of the episode Briggs has been beaten down, Abby has Martinez and Regan now knows that Truss had nothing to do with her father’s  interment. It does seem  that Briggs may have, considering the antagonist attitude that Regan and Briggs display toward one another,  another beating heading his way.

Finnerman has revealed that she will do anything to learn more about the Hunters (including torturing Regan’s father) and Jackson has proven that his “goodness” is his weak point.

Flynn is still having problems dealing with Abby, who also has a connection to her husband. The reason she let Regan escape is still quite vague but it would not be surprising to learn that Alison has been turned into some sort of sleeping agent for Musa.

“Hunters” is still quite grim in its delivery but at least one scene was worthy of a chuckle. McCarthy asks Jackson what Britney Spears, Freddie Mercury and Nancy Sinatra have in common. A puzzled Truss responds that he does not know. McCarthy answers:

‘You people turn their music into a misery. Use it to torture prisoners. At least Iron Maiden made sense.”

McCarthy is the most flamboyant of the Hunters so far. Musa is powerful and a bit scary but nowhere near as “mental” as the mad bomber.  It will be interesting to see what he cooks up next.

“Hunters” airs Mondays on SyFy.

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