Gotham: Transference – Monster Mash (Review)


The season two finale of “Gotham,” titled “Transference,” was a real monster mash at the end and had a couple of surprises.  The long-haired Bruce Wayne was one and the prompting by Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) to the  shocked Oswald Cobblepot, “Nothing is impossible,” were but two of  surprises out of an episode chock a block with little revelatory bits. 

Before going into a recap, of sorts, now would be a good time to have a moan about the Jim Gordon “doppelgänger ”  storyline in the episode. Granted it was funny to see McKenzie acting like a slack-jawed yokel and overly loud version of himself but seriously?  Even Harvey Bullock cannot be that stupid. If nothing else the acting captain should have ordered Gordon checked for drugs.

Aw shucks…

The fact that there was clearly something wrong with Jim Gordon should have been picked up by even the least observant of Gotham’s finest. The fact that it took Barbara Keen (Erin Richards) to suss out that Gordon was not himself, literally, was stretching the joke too far. 

Back to the main plot line, Fish Mooney (B*tch) was easily the scariest thing about the episode.  Mooney was always homicidal by nature, add to that winning personality this suggestive pheromone, or what ever it was Strange added, and there will be no stopping her.


There were comic bits in the episode.  Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) explaining to Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) that she was never manipulated or used. 

“I got you wrapped around my pinky… Always have.”

Nygma proves that not only is he mad as a hatter but he is not above cheating when he plays the poison gas game with Lucius and Bruce. Ms. Peabody (Tonya Pinkins) not only shows that even she is not immune to Mooney’s “charms” (You better not talk about  my mama again.) but she later inadvertently saves Indian Hill from nuclear destruction. 

(The “Water” plea was brilliant and the comic highlight of the episode, much funnier than the pseudo Jim Gordon gag that went on far too long.)


It was satisfying to see that underneath all his pomp and self-confidence, Hugo Strange (BD Wong) was a coward terrified of Mooney, whom he could not control. 

Speaking of control, Strange’s little truth serum session left Gordon with a few suggestions that he seems unable to shake and that murmured message to Penguin from Fish that “nothing is impossible,” is a brilliant lead to next season. Oswald may just be the biggest problem Gotham has seen yet, even more of a thing to be feared than Mooney. Now that he has that Mooney message bouncing around in his brain, he may be the next really big bad.

Interestingly, Butch (Drew Powell) has slipped effortlessly back into the role of Penguin goon since the death of Tabitha. He even accepts Keen, for the moment, and when Cobblepot orders Butch to “saddle up” to get Strange, the big guy raises that giant fake paw and salutes.  

Butch and the big gun.

(Speaking of giant, that mini-gun that Butch uses toward the end was so kick-arse. Equally impressive was his murmured “Oh no,” at the sight of Fish and his abrupt about-face and quick departure from the scene.)

Selina Kyle was the biggest little heroine of the piece with her strategic manipulation of Brigit, aka Firefly, into defending her from Mr. Freeze.  With the distraction of the battle she was able to release Bruce, Fox and Jim.

The end of Gotham had a “bag-lady” opening the bus door and releasing all of Strange’s monsters to roam the streets of the city. Miraculously, she is unharmed and the long haired Wayne stops to thank her.

It was disappointing not to  see Oswald wreak vengeance on Strange, after all Cobblepot is still off with the fairies; as seen at the beginning of the episode with that severed head decoration,  but we can only hope that upon awakening from that Mooney faint, that Penguin sets out to balance the madness scales.

The fury of a penguin…

With the introduction of the young Bruce Wayne clone it makes one wonder if Theo Galavan and Fish Mooney are not clones as well.  Perhaps this question will be answered next season.  Either way, the powerful, and monstrous, new villains of Gotham look set to create a lot of  havoc at home.


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  1. Sorry the return of Jada Smith and her poor acting has lost me for good. A horrible character.


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