Blindspot: Season One Finale – Bitter Truths (Review)

 Blindspot - Season 1

The finale episode of “Blindspot” was a shocker. Bitter truths were made apparent by the time the end credits rolled and hell hath no fury like a Weller lied to. Last week saw the death of Mayfair and Jane’s break away from Oscar. It also had Kurt’s father confessing to being responsible for the death of Taylor Shaw and where he put the body.

Jane has problems tracking down Oscar (François Arnaud) and Kurt takes Sarah along to see if Taylor’s body is underneath the fort at their childhood home. Reade and Zapata follow Bethany’s tracks and have to enlist Patterson (Ashley Johnson) to help collect forensic clues. Patterson is not pleased to have been overlooked but jumps in and finds an enormous amount of Mayfair’s blood on the floor (despite being mopped up with bleach).

Jane tracks down Oscar’s contact and tells the man that Cade is still alive. The man orders her to head to a safe house and Roman will take her upstate. Jane insists she needs Oscar but is told he is busy.  Jane tracks down where the lye was ordered from and waits for Oscar to pick it up.

Sarah and Kurt dig up the ground underneath the childhood fort and find nothing.  Weller calls Jane and leaves her a message about his father dying. Oscar collects the lye and Jane follows him.

Kurt has an epiphany when he and Sarah (Jordana Spiro) run out of beer and he goes out to the campground where they played as children to the plot named Fort Boone. Weller digs and finds Taylor’s skeletal remains. 

Jane catches up to Oscar who renders her unconscious while Patterson, Zapata and Reade break into Mayfair’s house (which is a sealed-off crime scene) and find a major clue.  Bethany leaves a hint and the trio of FBI agents work it out and find a thumb drive. Later they work out the combination to the drive and find it contains information about Daylight, Orion and M7G677.

Jane wakes up and Oscar has tied her to a chair, he means to wipe her memory again. Throughout the episode Jane has flashbacks to “before.” She also sees  parts of the mission and Oscar’s reluctance to include her.

This episode is flashback heavy. Jane’s memories about things prior to the FBI and Weller remembering his childhood with Taylor.  Jane learns that she was never Taylor Shaw and that Oscar switched her DNA out with the real Shaw’s samples on file.  The meaning of the tattoos is made clear and why the team focussed on Weller.

Jane and Oscar fight desperately and she wins;  killing him in the battle. As the barn burns down around Oscar (And Mayfair’s body?) Jane writes a message on Oscar’s truck, “For Marcos.”

Inside the thumb drive the trio find reams of documents and the agents realize that they are caught up in whatever Mayfair was working on with Carter.

Jane comes home to find Kurt in her house waiting.  He is furious about the lie and that it allowed him to let Bill Weller back into his life.  Weller arrests Jane.

This episode of “Blindspot” was one long reveal. After last week’s deathbed confession by Bill and the death of Mayfair, odds  would have been pretty good that the finale was going to be somewhat anticlimactic.  Things did get more intense and now Jane, who really is caught between a rock and a hard place, has shifted her allegiance to Kurt and the FBI who no longer want her or those tattoos.

The teaming up of Reade, Zapata and Patterson was brilliant. (It always feels a bit like “National Treasure” when Patterson solves a cryptic riddle or clue and this felt no different as both her accomplices aided in breaking the final code to learn Mayfair’s password; “Im sorry.”)

Showrunner and creator Martin Gero has delivered a full season where each episode upped the stakes and became less about those tattoos and more about  alliances, hidden agendas and government agencies that do not play by the rules.  Carter was a brilliant big bad but his death left room for “Shepard” a faceless entity who was pulling Jane’s strings.

Oscar tells Jane that Shepard brought her back to life, adding yet another layer of mystery to the woman’s past, and he insists that she owes him.

The big plan, according to Oscar, was to replace Mayfair with Weller who they felt was controllable.  When the show starts up again next season, the group, comprised of Shepard and his minions, will soon learn how wrong they were.

Blindspot - Season 1

“Blindspot” has a cast that totally knocked it out of the park in terms of performance and channeling the truth into their characters. Alexander and Stapleton have consistently delivered and Patterson should get a gong or two come Emmy time. Simply great writing and great performances.

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