Rosewood: Season one, Episode 21: The Suit of Calvin (Review)


The penultimate episode of Rosewood borrowed a leaf from a real life crime event from the 1969 kidnapping of Muriel McKay whose body was disposed of by  pigs kept at the farm owned by the Hosein brothers. (The two brothers were convicted of the crime in 1970 even though a body was never found.)  In this episode, borrowing from crime history was also evident in the murderer caught at the end of the episode who was a variation on Ed Gein. Only in this instance, the killer made a Calvin suit (Of sorts.) rather than one of female parts.

The episode this week features an old flame of Rosie’s; Dr. Aubrey Joseph (Played by the stunning and talented Stitchers regular Salli Richardson-Whitfield) who has a patient go missing. She calls Rosewood for help who then asks Villa to take a look. The missing man turns up as a badly used corpse in a pig farm. 

Captain Hornstock’s date with Daisie (Lisa Vidal) goes south when she does not turn up.

Rosie and the team, sans Mitchie, inspect the corpse and while there is a gathering of the Rosewood women (past and present) Villa learns that the dead man withdrew money that morning. The only problem is  Calvin Spitz has been dead for three days. Annalise also learns that, according to Pippy and TMI, she is a “Rosewood woman.”

As they investigate, Rosewood works out that the millionaire’s killer made a “Calvin” suit; hair, teeth, and an encyclopedic knowledge of his victim.  In essence the murderer has become Spitz and is fixing things in his life. Visiting his ex-wife, estranged daughter and twin brother after the real Calvin was put in the pig farm.

Daisie shows up at Hornstock’s office and he tells her to leave. Before going out the door, Villa’s mother explains why she did not show up on their romantic weekend; she was afraid. Turns out she has real feelings for her daughter’s boss and the two reconcile.


Villa and Rosie trace the fake Spitz’ visits to Calvin’s family members and eventually track the man down to the dead millionaire’s former business partner’s home. The killer listened in on Calvin’s sessions with Aubrey (he was a patient of another doctor in the same building) and felt he could live the dead man’s life better than he could.

In a twist, it appears the the killer Gene (Michael William Freeman) had some sort of connection with Villa and her dead husband. The man is shot by a sniper in mid-taunt.

In terms of surprise twists; after the attempt to kiss TMI last week, Mitchie (Sam Huntington) make a connection and this time they do kiss, as Pippy watches from above the lab. When she observes this apparent physical attraction between her fiancee and Mitchie, Pippy walks away. 

Villa and Rosie are drinking tea and teasing one another when Erica (Joy Bryant) turns up to propose. Having observed the two laughing and joking together, she changes her mind and break sup with Rosewood instead. She realizes that Rosewood’s heart belongs to Villa.

Contemplative Interlude:

As good as the crimes are in ‘Rosewood’ it is the relationships that move the show and are the core of each episode. In some ways this rich and successful Miami pathologist is the ethereal twin of John D. MacDonald’s ‘Travis McGee.’ Not implicitly so, Rosie is no adventure seeking “beach bum”  who searches out the “wounded birds” around his moored boat slip in Fort Lauderdale, but his taste in women and his relationships follow a McGee-like  pattern.

McGee’s MO was to “heal” the wounded bird’s he encountered with lots of Plymouth gin and a saucy lifestyle that included lots of sex, sand and sea.  Once the traumatized women were cured of whatever affliction they had endured, Trav moved on. McGee was, in many ways a sensualist who wanted to live his life alone.

(Although in many ways McGee was that bit less damaged than Rosie.  He did meet the love of his life Gretchen who is murdered in one book and avenged in another; “The Green Ripper.”

Rosewood does live life fully, with his heart condition he feel compelled to, and he is drawn to those women he cannot have on permanent basis. These relationships he builds and fosters are all doomed because each woman he focusses on is actually damaged in some way, as he himself is.

The reason he and Villa work so well together is that, despite his need/want to pursue her as a relationship, Rosewood knows that if they ever do commit, this one will work and be permanent. Due to his heart condition, Rosie hesitates each and every time he almost makes the choice, even when Villa makes it difficult to say no, because he feels it would not be fair on Annalise.

The two have a brilliant give and take and their teasing/flirting manner with one another makes it obvious that they should be a couple.  Rosewood will not commit and may never do so.

Coming back to the episode, Mitchie, who has been an awkward fit at the lab may end up leaving after all.


Pippy, who had pretty much accepted Mitchie’s intrusion into the world of Rosewood will definitely not be so welcoming now. There will be tears in this uncomfortable three-some and one can expect things between TMI and her fiancee to cool considerably after the initial fireworks. Mendelson could well be an early casualty of this war.

Next week sees the season one finale of ‘Rosewood’ (it airs Wednesdays on Fox) and happily for fans, the show has been picked up for a second season by the network.  This is a fun and interesting show with some of the most talented and beautiful women on the planet as guest stars and regulars. Miss this show and miss out.

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