The Path: Season One Episode Nine – Truth? (Review)

Hugh Dancy as Cal Roberts in The Path

Everything comes unglued for Eddie while Cal starts circling his wagons for complete control of the movement in ‘The Path’ this week. Sarah kicks Hawk out when he reveals he does not want to leave school when he turns 16. Mary attacks the pharmacy girl she had sex with when Sean was away and Alison has a change of heart.  Abe tells Eddie the truth behind the movement, “It’s bulls*t” and Lane learns all too quickly how the Meyerist movement really works.

Eddie and Hawk return from their 250 mile walk after 10 days. Hawk, with reassurances from his father, has decided to return to school to be with Ashley (Amy Forsyth). The boy is concerned at his mother’s reaction, “What if she kicks me out?’ Eddie tells his son that he will not allow that to happen.

Cal travels to Peru to speak to the dying, and comatose,  Steve Meyer. Roberts tells the leader that he has written the last three rungs. Cal also tells the man he will be taking over the movement. He says a prayer asking for forgiveness for all that he has done wrong and all that he will do wrong.

Back at the compound, The two Lanes return to handshakes and hugs. Sarah comes out and tells Eddie, as he hugs her, that she knows about Alison, but lies about how. She tells him only about finding the Kemp woman’s number on his cell phone and not that Cal told her.

Throughout the episode it is clear that the Lane family unit has fallen apart. Sarah is clearly a matriarchal figure (in her mind) as well as an elder. Eddie’s rebellion is not acceptable to her or any of the movement members.  His crisis of faith has led him to believe that the work they do is good but that “there is no ladder.”  Later he tells Abe the same thing during their phone conversation.

Mary (Emma Greenwell) forces Sean (Paul James) to help come off the drug and later the two have a confrontation with the pharmacy girl that Cox had sex with for the drugs. Mary turns violent and the trio are pulled in for counseling with Cal. She tells Sean that she would like to marry him.

Sarah tries to contact the dead Silas, she is desperate for guidance, and she asks Cal to help with Hawk. Roberts steps up and “blackmails” Ashley into breaking up with Hawk so he will return home.

Abe is forced to take leave from the FBI for two weeks. His boss, whom he apologized to for his public outburst, tells him it is leave or suspension.  Agent Gaines still wants back on the Meyerist case but he angrily accepts the leave.

Alison is contacted by Sarah and the two meet in a diner.  The Kemp widow tells Sarah she and Eddie were not having sex; it was all about her husband’s murder. Lane reveals that Jason Kemp had a journal in his room and she passes it over to Alison.

Later in the show Kemp’s widow is seen walking slowly through the woods tearing pages out of the diary (journal) and walking to a frozen pond, or lake.  Dropping to her knees she puts large stones in her jacket pockets and walks out onto the ice. It begins cracking and popping under her weight as she moves further out on the ice, clutching the journal to her chest.

Hawk returns. The teenager is upset and after some prompting tells Eddie that Ashley broke up with him, citing the  specialness of Hawk and the importance of the movement. Eddie knows immediately that Sarah is responsible. He goes to a movement meeting to confront her.

When he angrily accuses her of interfering, she inadvertently glances to Cal. Eddie now knows who interceded and he confronts Cal. When Roberts starts to respond Lane hits him and knocks him down.  Eddie is furious.

Alison, who has miraculously survived her suicide attempt walks up to the compound gate. She is in a state of shock and is let in.

The biggest questions in ‘The Path’ all have to do with Jason Kemp’s journal that Sarah “found” in the file.  Was it really Kemp’s or did the movement place it there to cover their tracks? Abe’s friend from the bureau brings him the autopsy report on Kemp, after he has been placed on leave, and the dead man’s hands were burned.  Gaines’ suspicions are aroused once more;  as Kemp fell to his death.  How did his hands “get like that from falling?”

Eddie has learned that there is no room for doubt in the movement from his in-laws and from his wife. The ramifications of Cal’s interference are still to be felt and it looks like Lane and Abe may end up collaborating.

It is interesting to note that Cal tells the three young people he counsels that Steve Meyer specialized in collecting  the broken people of the world, the same thing that Abe Gaines tells his boss at the FBI.

Also of interest is Sarah Lane. In an earlier episode she tells a distraught, and drunk, Cal that alcohol is his rock to carry. What is Sarah’s rock?  Increasingly it is starting to seem that hers may well be sex. Even when furious with Eddie she has frantic and (almost desperate) sex with him on a kitchen floor filled with broken glass. The two have a very physical relationship but Sarah has also come close to transgressing with Cal.  Several times.

‘The Path’ airs Wednesdays on Hulu.  Catch this dark look into a cult and those who inhabit it.


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2 thoughts on “The Path: Season One Episode Nine – Truth? (Review)”

  1. looking forward to this very much. is is currently in my queue and hope to get to it very soon and catch up through out the summer. thanks!


    1. I hope you get the same “feels” I did watching it! I wanted to see this at the cinema but was in no position to do so and even on the “small screen” it was entertaining!


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