Arrow: Lost in the Flood – Boom (Review)

Thea in the Ark in Arrow

Before going into the penultimate episode of season four (Lost in the Flood) and the ark going boom, let us take a moment to say Mike’s Film Talk called it last week when we rambled very briefly about a Supergirl/Arrow/Flash cross-over. It was even mentioned that with the time travel capabilities of DC’s LoT that Sara could come back and save Laurel’s life (aka a crossover episode).

While not an “I told you so” moment at all it just goes to show great minds think  alike. (Yes we know that a number of folks probably thought about a ‘Supergirl’ mashup but we put our fanboy ravings in print, last week.)

Excited ramblings aside, with just a touch of “we knew it,” this week’s episode starts with a more powerful Darhk sucking all the molecules of oxygen out of Oliver and Diggle’s bodies before he escaped to keep trying to start his own personal apocalypse. Thea is given a yellow pill to “turn her” and Felicity works hard with Noah to stop the Rubicon from being reactivated by Hive.

It is a little hard to really dislike Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough). Despite being the grandaddy of all big bad’s he is amusing on a consistent basis. Last night’s episode saw him complaining to his wife:

“Today was supposed to be Christmas, and I woke up to a lump of coal. Is it because I’ve been naughty this year?”

(And, Damien Darhk gives great pop culture reference. “That way, when the whole world goes all “Dr. Strangelove,” you can feel your skin melt from Armageddon.” You’ve got to love this guy.)

To be fair, since Oliver Queen is so humorless, or at the very least morose,  almost everyone else, except for Diggle (David Ramsey) who can also be pretty dour, can be pretty amusing. Felicity continually rocks the humor meter as does Curtis (Echo Kellum).  Ms. Smoak’s mother is funny but in an almost annoying “bubble-head” way.

‘Lost in the Flood’ is quite “ex” heavy.  Thea’s ex-“boyfriend”  Machin (Alexander Calvert) – who actually becomes a huge thorn in Darhk’s side, going so far as to kill Ruvé Adams (Janet Kidder) sending Damien into a murderously suicidal meltdown- Felicity’s ex, Cooper Seldon,  a computer hacker who takes on Smoak and her father. And of course Noah Kuttler ex husband and father with his ex Donna Smoak. 

That is a lot of exes.

For once in this show the good guys look to be ahead of Darhk but not for long. Oliver’s flashbacks to the island with Taiana (Elysia Rotaru) are slowly and agonizingly pointing to a solution to defeat Darhk, or at least diminish his power. As we see by the end of all the clips, the good hearted Taiana turns into a powerful golden-eyed (and power hungry) killer. 

It is the totem, the “head” that generates the power and corrupts the one who uses and relies upon it. Although admittedly it seems pretty certain that Damien Darhk was a stinker before coming across the thing.  Destroying the magical item should make the show’s big bad vulnerable, even with the power surge from the nuke.

Back to the episode, amusingly Thea manages to better Oliver who then has to talk her down. She and Queen step in to help Diggle with Merlyn and Thea gets the line of the show:

“Drug me again and I will kill you;  you son-of-a-b*tch.”

Felicity, Curtis and Noah crash the Rubicon and Machin rigs the ark’s command  center to explode. Thea, Digger and Queen  confront the madman and cause the facility  to self destruct.  Machin kills Darhk’s wife but after a bit of heated battle they manage to save his daughter.

Thea’s ex manages to escape the destruction and after the good guys get out they see the crater that used to be the ark.

Damien learns of Ruvé’s death and loses his happy thoughts completely.  Later he goes to drop off a message to Felicity.

‘Arrow’ is great stuff. DC at its darkest. ‘The Flash’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ are much lighter in tone, as a rule, and  ‘Supergirl’ has its amusing moments. There is one more episode left in the current season. With the hint that a “Force” will help Oliver defeat Hive, one can only imagine who will turn up.

Capes anyone?

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