Blindspot: What? (Review)

 Blindspot - Season 2

The penultimate episode of ‘Blindspot’ season one had everything coming together for an eyeopening jaw-dropping installment.  Watching ‘If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render’ was an exercise in “Wait…What,” moments. Not because of incredulous disbelief but because suddenly so many things come together  perfectly.

Jane is still upset with Oscar and her own inadvertent betrayal of Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste). There is a problem at the FBI headquarters where Director Pellington (Dylan Baker) has banned Jane from the facility and has chosen to close down the Jane Doe files. Meanwhile a baby is discovered in a gym bag and the child has one tattoo and it matches one on Jane. 

The storyline takes on futuristic leanings with baby’s  DNA being cloned, or overwritten with samples from people who are no relation to the infants. This explains much about Jane Doe and her “DNA match” with Taylor Shaw and the disconnect with her teeth.

Later in the show it appears that Kurt’s gut feeling about his father killing Shaw was not too far off.

The group that Jane is with wants Mayfair punished for falsifying evidence to gain convictions (part of Operation Daylight, which must have been huge as Bethany mentions it will mean hundreds  of people being released from prison) and Mayfair begins going over the facts leading to her arrest. She realizes that the woman murdered in the hotel room was a con artist.

Weller is stepping in as the temporary head of the New York office while Reade and Zapata compare notes to help Bethany. Mayfair’s friend, who had a friend in Denmark, clears up the picture of the man in the car; it is Oscar.

The team decide to investigate the baby,  they find the man who dropped the infant off and who is then  shot when the group try to arrest him.  The baby  has the same DNA as a  former presidential contender’s son.  This same man, the father,  is funding, apparently, a baby factory where the the children’s genetic makeup  is altered with   non-parental  DNA.

The Warren’s,  Bryce and Tracy, have a son who is dying of Leukemia and after initially lying about it, Tracy tells the team about the program. She, and Bryce, thought they were securing tissue samples which would be a genetic match for their son.

Bethany tracks down the man she rescued Alexandra from and he reveals that Sophia (Sarita Choudhury) was in on the con. Pellington kicks Jane out of the building and refuses to continue investigating the baby.  

Jane leaves and heads to Child Protection Services. A woman forces her way in and two henchmen follow. Jane gets on the same elevator and before it begins moving she gets into an altercation with the two men.  Doe takes one out in the elevator but the second man appears to  be a bit more of handful. She takes him out in the corridor where the babies are being kept.

The Warren baby is taken by a female who kills two hospital employees in order to do so. Mayfair continues her investigation and the team learn of Jane’s actions at the CPS and Doe has taken one of the men and traced where the baby was taken.  Weller and the team head there  and when they arrive Kurt  finds the Jane Doe on the floor with her heart stopped.

Weller revives Jane.

This show brought so many things together. The DNA connection, the duality of Jane,  her interactions with Sophia and the fact that she is clearly not Taylor Shaw makes this one especially interesting. As Kurt’s father is dying, he confesses that Shaw is “under the fort” where she loved to play so much.

Bill Weller (Jay O. Sanders) manages to tell his son that it was an accident, “she was so small.”   The old man appears to die and Kurt is left in tears .

Pellington reveals that he wants Kurt in Bethany’s position and Mayfair is shot when she confronts Jane, by Oscar.  Even wounded, Mayfair tries to shoot Jane to keep her from hurting her team. A tearful Jane tries to stop the bleeding.

Weller is about to have his entire world turned upside down. He will, of course, have to look under the “fort” and if he finds Taylor’s body, will learn that his hunch about Doe being Shaw was wrong.

The penultimate episode had an ample amount of twists and turns along with some arse-kicking by Jane and a shoot out, or two.  ‘Blindspot’ is an odd drama. The viewer is behind Bethany Mayfair every step of the way as she investigates her set up. Yet can we really be supportive of a woman who made a travesty of the justice system?

On the other hand, if she did this to put bad people behind bars, why do Oscar, and presumably Jane, want to punish her so badly?   The DNA baby ploy reeks of a massive money maker for Warren and whoever else is running the program with him, which seems to indicate that a ton of money was spent on getting Jane set up to be Taylor Shaw. Or is there a connection between Oscar and Warren?

With Pellington shutting down the Jane Doe program, next week will be very interesting indeed.

‘Blindspot’ airs its season one finale next Monday on NBC.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

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