Castle: The Final Finale (Nice Twist, Shame About the End) Review

Castle: The Final Finale (Nice Twist, Shame About the End) Review

‘Castle’ had their last ever season finale, a final one if you will, and it had a nice twist that was slightly ruined by the shameful add-on at the end. After an eight season run it would have been nice for the series to go out on a high and not the “behind the scenes” low it slumped out on.

As endings go, it was not bad. The finale obviously was meant to end very differently with a massive cliff hanger (Although…Did anyone else almost expect a ‘The War of the Roses‘ moment?) All joking aside, the final finale was  pretty damn good in terms of twists and dead ends being turned into clues.

The episode starts with a nondescript man driving a car and listening to the The Brady Bunch song ‘Sunshine Day’ while a thumping sound is heard from elsewhere in the car. The driver puts the vehicle behind an abandoned building and begins pouring gasoline in the car.

Opening the trunk he tells the very much alive man there, “Don’t you just love that song?” He then pours gas on the man and sets the car on fire.

The plot is all about  the big bad that has plagued Castle and Beckett for ages; LokSat.

After Caleb Brown (Kristoffer Polaha) sold out his boss LokSat last week, the L-gang, Shipton, Vikram, Rick and Kate head down to the drop-off point. They wait for Caleb to turn up and make his drop.  A car arrives and “Caleb” gets out. It is not Brown at all. 

It is a trap.

They end up being attacked by superior numbers and only Hayley’s sniper rifle keeps this from turning into a bloodbath, that and Mason Wood (Gerald McRaney) turning up with a Korean Taco/BBQ van. Wood spirits Kate and Rick away and tells them Castle’s step-mother sent him.

Mason Wood to the rescue.

What follows is an abduction,  Ryan and Esposito getting involved, Rick being given a truth serum, we learn who LokSat really is (nice twist) and there is another great shootout. Rick almost saves Kate who then saves herself and Castle.

After LokSat is captured, Rick and Kate go home to celebrate and the last twist in the episode appears, armed with a silenced pistol and an attitude.

Without going into specifics, which would be spoiler city, the last ever episode of ‘Castle’ was a good one. It tied up the biggest loose end and had at least one “plot-hole” in that whole “It’s a black site all the signals are jammed,” revelation which they later tried to fix.

Too late.

Then there is that clearly tacked on ending, since we cannot have a cliffhanger ending leading to nowhere, that was a nice thought but… It would have made more sense as a dream than a peek into the future of Rick and Kate with four kids and happy breakfast time.

‘Castle’ had a good run. Eight seasons, not all were spectacular but being Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic we were forgiving, that entertained and kept the viewer wanting more.  Even with the sad news that Katic and Jones would not be back for a ninth season (although the writing was on the wall people) we wanted more.

The splendid chemistry between the two lead characters, the plot lines and the fact that Nathan Fillion has never been better made this must watch TV. (Except maybe for seasons four and five…Just saying.) Fillion is always good value for money and one hopes that this long run made up for the ‘Firefly’ network “stab in the back.”

Kudos to Gerald McRaney, the man gives great bad guy.

Jed Rees was splendid as Mr. Flynn, a man who loves The Brady Bunch music.  Polaha’s great shocked expression at the end was also noteworthy.

Sadly there will never be a do-over for ‘Castle.’ Clearly Stana Katic was fed up with the show last year, hence her one year contract, and without its co-star ‘Castle’ would not have fared well in a ninth season.  Beckett made Castle fun, even marrying the characters did not detract too much from the series dynamic and they still had a great give and take.

When it was confirmed that Katic was leaving, never to return, the news that there would be no ninth season of ‘Castle’ followed.   The fact that Kate Beckett was leaving was a wound that the series could not recover from.  One can quite imagine ongoing talks throughout the last season  to bring Stana back but it is clear the “lady was not for turning.”

Stana Katic

So long ‘Castle’ you kept us entertained for quite some time and despite that tacked-on ending, we still love you and will miss you.


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