Wynonna Earp: Walking After Midnight – Bully (Review)

Wynonna Earp - Season 1

‘Wynonna Earp’ this week clears up a few things in the verse. ‘Walking After Midnight,’ (A pretty apt title for this episode as it tells of searching for someone…after midnight. The theme of this installment.) has a number of  barbed and witty ripostes and a couple of bullies. The Stone Witch, something that Waverly figures out, and Dolls’ new boss Agent Lucardo (Kate Drummond) both have control issues. 

The episode starts with the Stone Witch, aka Constance Clootie (Rayisa Kondrackivisiting The Blacksmith  (Rachael Ancheril) and it does not end well for Waverly’s new friend. 

Dolls is unexpectedly called away and Doc proves reluctant to help Wynonna identify the seventh revenant in the picture.  Waverly throws an engagement party for her friend Chrissy and only she and Steph show up. Prior to the festivities Waverly invites Doc to stay in the barn in exchange for chopping wood and keeping them from getting killed.

“Friends don’t let friends get gutted by revenants.”

Wynonna bonds with Officer Haught (Katherine Barrell) and as they drink whiskey and get to know one another, Earp finds a morgue photograph. The getting to  know you moment passes as she tells Nicole that she needs to see the body. 

At the party The Blacksmith turns up to warn Waverly but it is Doc who finds the dying woman. She gives him a totem, a hair ribbon belonging to the witch that will make her vulnerable.  The Blacksmith gives Holliday some further advice and dies.

Wynonna Earp - Season 1
The Stone Witch questioning The Blacksmith.

Back at the police station, Haught and Earp check out the bodies in the morgue and Wynonna learns that a serial killer is removing organs from women.  As they examine the body in the picture, the attendant turns up, silently, startling the two women. Earp reacts typically:

“Dude! This is a morgue, wear a bell or something, OK?”

Earp finds the mark of a spade, as in “Ace of…” and the two women, along with the attendant investigate. While they are out of the examination room someone puts an ace of spade’s playing card in the dead woman’s mouth.  Later Wynonna and Nicole have an argument and Haught comes back with a rather interesting response to her new friend’s accusation.

“You of all people should know better than to try to make me question my sanity.”

Waverly reveals that the best way to kill someone “way bigger than you” is by shoving a sharp object in that person’s ear.  Wynonna leaves a message for Dolls and then ends it by (humorously)  explaining who she is: “It’s Wynonna by the way. Wynonna Earp.”

After her message, which tells Dolls about the murders and Earp’s recent nosebleeds, the phone rings and Wynonna answers, “Dolls?” It is not her boss but Waverly and Earp (Melanie Scrofanogets what may be  the line of the episode:

“What do you mean you killed  a stripper?”

(Although Wynonna’s earlier line to Dolls “Say pomegranate if someone’s got a gun on you,”   may just tie the above mentioned  “stripper” line.)

At the party, the Stone Witch arrives with a few henchmen that she then turns into zombies.  Waverly battles the woman who she realizes is  just another bully and destroys the skull of Constance’s boy.  The witch then hurls Waverly into the side of the barn.

Wynonna and Doc brace the witch and Earp shoots the “magic knife” from Clootie’s hand and Holliday shoots her in the shoulder.

Wynonna Earp - Season 1
Wynonna shooting at the witch.


Some interesting things are revealed/hinted at in this episode. For instance, Waverly seems to have developed second sight. When the “stripper” arrives the younger Earp sister tells him, “OK, Magic Mike, show us your moves.” Of course she is referring to the Channing Tatum film but since the man works for the Stone Witch, he really is magic, so to speak and Waverly called it in one.

Haught’s line to Wynonna about questioning her sanity seems to suggest some sort of backstory between the two. Earp looks puzzled at the comment so obviously she does not remember any past they may share.

Doc Holliday is “bound” to the Stone Witch and vice versa. This is the real reason she fears the immortal gunman. Clearly, if he dies so does she and the reverse is also true. When Holliday (Tim Rozon) shoots Constance he gets a corresponding wound in his shoulder. 

This may mean that if he does kill Constance he will end his immortality curse, permanently.  It could also mean he should have paid more attention to Mattie (The Blacksmith) as to what needed to be done with that hair ribbon.

Waverly has, at long last, dumped her neanderthal boyfriend, which should give Nicole Haught cause for celebration.

Dolls has offered up Doc Holliday, or as he phrases it to Lucardo “Not a revenant or a demo…Never before documented” to keep from being reassigned and his boss is interested.

Clootie tells Waverly that her two sons are more than human and therefore definitely not revenants. What they really are/were is not revealed by the witch.

Wynonna Earp - Season 1

Doc collecting blood from the Stone Witch.

At the end of the episode Wynonna gets a lift back to town with Nicole and as Doc is gathering some blood spattered snow, from here he injured the witch, he hears soft music. Going to investigate he finds  Haught’s squad car, empty (and with a bloody handprint on the outside of the vehicle) with the radio playing and gliding down the road.

Highlights and Final Thoughts:

Waverly dancing to Emma Lee’s “Boomerang.”

Doc singing the same song as he leaves the Earp house.

The empty police car smoothly moving down the road…uber creepy.

Ace of spades card in the corpse’s mouth also très creepy.

Waverly is clearly the smarter of the two Earp’s. She has figured out that Doc has a thing for Wynonna and that he refuses to admit it.  Dolls is still a mystery. Those demon eyes and his being bullied by his boss further clouds the issue of what he really is.

And if Dolls is a demon or supernatural entity, what is his boss? He may be fighting against being removed from Purgatory but clearly she has the power. So what shape do her pupils take when her meds run out?

At the end of the episode, the alliance between Doc and Waverly has become fragile once more and Wynonna and Nicole are missing.  There is also blood.

‘Wynonna Earp’ airs Fridays on SyFy. Tune in and catch this excellent Canadian western remix.

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