Legends of Tomorrow: Destiny – Lies (Review)

Wentworth Miller as Snart/Captain Cold

The penultimate episode of ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ ironically titled ‘Destiny,’ reveals the truth behind the lies of the Time Masters. This build up to the almost final confrontation started somewhat humorously. After the Masters come for Rory, Hunter and Kendra, Snart and Sara Lance square off on the Waverider only to be interrupted by the ringing of a phone.

It is Gideon.

She is back on-line and ready to save the Legends in the custody of the Time Marshals. Rory is to be turned back into Chronos and Kendra is taken, after a brief battle, to be with Savage while Rip learns the truth. All that has happened was done so  to enable Savage to save Earth from alien invasion from the planet Thanagar. (In the future.)

He also learns that the Time Masters have lied about many things and that they manipulated Rip and his team the entire time. This has been enabled by the Oculus a device that allows the Masters to change time as and events as they see fit. Druce also tells Hunter that his tendency to go rogue was just what they, the Time Masters,  needed.

Using Hunter’s rage against him, the leader ordered Rip’s  family murdered by Savage in order to make it easier to “play” the man. Zaman  Druce (Martin Donovan) explains that the Oculus enabled the elders to move people  in whatever  direction they wish. 

It is the Time Masters who who helped Savage rise to power so he could defeat the aliens in the future.  A shattered Rip is returned to his cell. Mick Rory is turned back into Chronos while Snart and Sara argue and then work together to save their friends.

Savage (Casper Crump) takes Kendra back to 2166 where he will kill Rip’s family again. Sara and Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) sabotage the other time ships and escape. Druce orders all the Time Captains to pursue the departing Waverider. 

In what may be a series comic highlight all the other ship’s systems break into the Captain and Tennillle 1975 song “Love Will Keep Us Together” and they all short circuit, failing to leave the hanger.  (This could also be a splendid dose of irony, in that the singing duo divorced in 2014…)

(The interaction between Rory (Dominic Purcell) and Brendon Routh as Ray Palmer came a close second to the above comic moment.  After the rescue where Rip (Arthur Darvill) explains how Druce has been “running” them all. Ray’s response is that this information is not reassuring and Mick slaps the back of Palmer’s head. Mick then asks Rip, ” You saying the Time Masters wanted me to do that?” Very funny indeed.)

Jax (Franz Drameh) finds Martin (Victor Garber) back in 2016 and has the doctor help him get back to the team in the future. He arrives in the nick of time and prevents Druce and his henchmen from stopping Rip and the rest of the team from accessing the Oculus. 

Back in London, Rip’s wife and child die again.  Back at the Oculus there is a “musical heroes” thing going on where Ray, who should die destroying the device, is knocked out by Rory who takes over.  After Rip shrinks Palmer and puts him in his pocket he heads back to the Waverider.  Snart learns that Mick has opted to stay and die. Leonard then knocks Rory out and has Sara take his partner out of the room.

Lance kisses Leonard (Earlier she  tells Snart that if he wants to steal a kiss from her, he need to be a “hell of a  thief.”) since he  has finally decided he wants to be a hero after all.

With the Oculus and the Time Masters base destroyed the team all have their destinies back where they belong; under their control.   The future that Druce had orchestrated is no longer valid.  Although Savage, who still has Kendra, believes he can change the future to what he wants.

There are many things left unanswered in this penultimate episode of season one. For instance the younger versions of the team who are apparently  still  in the Harry Potter-ish safe house and whether or not Snart is really dead.  Not to mention the fact that Vandal Savage is still free and has both Kendra, and presumably, Carter.

All in all not a bad episode although a little predictable in places. It was not overly surprising that Rory withstood the “Chronos” brainwashing again and Palmer not dying at the Oculus was also not unexpected.

It has to be said that the cast all did well and that Martin Donovan gives great “bad guy.”

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ finishes next Thursday on CW and will be coming back next January for  a second season.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

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