The Catch: The Package – Making a Move (Review)


There is a lot of tension this week in ‘The Catch’ as well as a lot of mistrust in ‘The Package’  Rhys learns more about Alice Vaughn and so does his sister Margot, who poses as a therapist in order to learn more about the competition. Bishop (Sonya Walger) finds out how Vaughn got all her money back and about the bracelet and the $5 million that Benji (Peter Krause) gave to Alice and not Margot.

Rhys Bishop also learns that Benji declared his love for  Vaughn.

Alice keeps working on Agent Dao (Jacky Ido) to make him understand that Benji/Christopher is not a murderer.  She also still insists that Benji take sides and leave his colleagues and help to take down “The Firm.”  At the office, a friend of  Sophie’s (played by Elvy Yost) has problems with a record producer, Nathan Ashmore (played by ‘Lucifer’ regular Kevin Alejandro). 

The musical artist used to sing  with Sophie in a band. Danny Yoon (Jay Haydenis intrigued and cannot wait to learn more about  his co-worker’s musical past. The producer holds the album that Sophie’s friend Kelsey (Stephanie Huntrecorded  until he can release a sex tape recoded in his studio that the young musician knew nothing about.

Rhys reveals to Benji that they will acquire a female counterfeiter who is rolling over on a local mob boss. When Benji goes to negotiate with Leah Wells  (Nia Vandals) she demands 50 percent of the take and she wants her dog back.  She also wants the mob boss killed. 

Ashmore has a legal right to post the recording and does so just prior to releasing Kelsey and her boyfriend’s album. A desperate Kelsey takes an overdose and  and the team at the agency  pick up their investigative efforts to stop Nathan.

Rhys threaten’s Leah with killing her dog “Paul McCartney” and refuses the 50 percent deal she asks for. Things go bad quickly when Agent Dao and Alice arrive to question Wells about the Kensington firm. Reggie (Alimi Ballard) runs interference and two law officials are shot dead by Rhys. 

Margot Bishop (Sonya Walger)

Alice is not happy and tells Benji so. Rhys is also unhappy as he has lost out on Leah (Margot hijacks his kidnapping attempt) and he threatens Alice Vaughn. Rhys’ threats finally motivate Benjamin Jones to pick a side. He shows up at Vaughn’s home with Agent Dao and tells her that he will help  take the Kensington firm down.

Rhys  tells his sister that she stole not only from him, but “mummy, and I’m going to tell.” Margot looks perturbed.

‘The Catch’ this week finally lets Mireille Enos get her action pants on when her character takes down Nathan when he attacks Kelsey’s boyfriend. Later, the record producer is arrested when it is revealed that  he taped the couple having sex when the boyfriend was underage. 

Ms. Bishop is furious about Alice and Benji  but,  somewhat surprisingly, Margot does not go after Vaughn. She does resolve to stay in L.A. telling Benji “You’re not getting rid of  me that easily.” 

Jones (Peter Krause) may have decided to side with Alice, but he is a flawed character. When the two U.S. Marshals  are shot and killed  by Rhys, Benji is not  pleased but he does not go against Bishop until he threatens to harm Alice. 

Margot may be the least psychotic of the two, but the Bishops are a deadly pair of siblings, after all sis did kill the guardian of the princess in an earlier episode.  In this episode, Margot also kills the mob boss that Leah Wells wanted dead.

Alice reveals to Margot, during therapy, that she intends to take down the people who work with Benji and while Vaughn knows about the existence of brother Bishop (John Simm) she has no idea who Margot is. 

Elvy Yost
Sofie Novak (Elvy Yost)

Still, Benji has opted to stick by his woman and this changes the game plan somewhat.  Meanwhile, the Yoon/Novak romance is still building and Agent Dao is still very interesting in a second “date” with Anderson (Rose Rollins).

‘The Catch’ airs Thursdays on ABC. Tune in and see where the Bishop battle heads next and just what Mum will do to Margot.

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