Rosewood: Episode #1.20 – Cold Case (Review)


‘Rosewood’ this week introduces  a cold case from 12 years ago that causes the death of an undercover cop.  Mitchie (Sam Huntington) is starting to fit in, although he does commit a gaffe later on with TMI which Pippy walks in on. Rosie and Villa prove once again that they are a brilliant team and the pathologist is saved by some “raid swag” he conveniently forgets to return.

At the start of the episode a young girl is running from a hooded figure who catches her and drags her to the floor.  12 years later a man is showing her picture around and asking questions.

Another young woman dies, and Erica calls Rosie. The victim was stabbed seven times and her wounds kill her.  Anita has a crush on a cop and Rosie offers to help the M.E.  to work on her game.

Rosewood helps on the medical exam of the dead woman when Villa comes in with  a name and an address. The deceased, is on file as a career criminal. The two go to investigate the residence and Villa finds a number of drivers licenses and burner phones hidden in the floorboards.

One of the phones has an appointment on it and Villa tells Rosie that they are going on a raid. Rosewood gets a vest but is made to wait in the van. Hornstock, Villa and the rest of the cops on the raid find illegal guns and engage in short fire fight.

Mitchie and Gregory…

Mitchie is teaching a “bone” class to Pippy and TMI. Pippy’s fiancee is not amused and she reveals that back at the FBI she was called the Keratin Queen. The new “kid” on the team is still having trouble fitting in. Although Rosie and Pippy like him.

The recently dead woman was a cop, not a career criminal, working with the ATF and Vladimir Dominguez (Played by ‘Shades of Blue’ actor Antonio Jaramillo who still has that Benicio Del Toro thing going on.) as an undercover cop. Agent Tiffany Lee was  a gifted cop and colleague that Dominguez is upset at losing although he  refuses to help on the investigation. 

Rosie is called away by Anita who reveals that Lee was killed by an ATF tactical knife carried by all agents in the field. As Dominguez is leaving the station Lee’s husband arrives and causes a scene.

Mitchie and TMI (Anna Konkle) almost bond but he blows it after telling Tara that she is also an outsider.  

Clues point the duo to Detective Frank Escajeda (J.R. Ramirez) and they learn that Lee had evidence on the 12 year-old murder of Kelly Downs. Escajeda has the body exhumed and they learn that Downs was strangled rather than killed by blunt-force trauma. 

Villa and Escajeda question Downs’ mother and along with Rosie they search the dead girl’s room. They find a pair of glasses on a teddy bear and it leads them to the murderer of both women, Charles “Skip” Lee; Tiffany’s husband.

Before Rosie confronts the murdered however, he finds that Anita has been assaulted and is lying in a pool of blood.  Anita’s attacker wore a hoodie, like the murderer at the start of the episode and he also took evidence from her office.

Skip shoots Rosie as the pathologist questions him and his raid swag  saves his life.  As the killer starts to shoot Rosie again, Rosewood kicks the gun out of Skip’s hand and then beats the murderer into submission.

Pippy and TMI

Escajeda expresses interest in Villa who tells the cop that she is not in the market and later she tells Rosie she will back him up on his romance with Erica.  Mitchie finally bonds with TMI but misreads her signals and moves in for a kiss. Pippy walks in and catches this action.

The theme of Rosewood this week would have to be “Raid Swag Saves Lives.” The series has two episodes left and airs Wednesdays on FOX. Tune in and see how Pippy reacts to Mitchie’s “move.”


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