Blindspot: Of Whose Uneasy Route – Hacked (Review)

 Blindspot - Season 1

‘Blindspot’ this week follows up the murder of Mayfair’s date and after Weitz clean out Bethany’s office for evidence the FBI office undergoes a lockdown. Weller’s group are split into twos. Zapata and Mayfair, Patterson and Jane, Weller and Dr. Borden, Reade and Sarah.

Mayfair is under suspicion for the murder of the woman in the hotel room and Patterson realizes that the lockdown situation is not an exercise, as everyone initially thought. After realizing she has no wifi signal Patterson tells Jane that the bureau is being hacked.

The doors in the entire facility lock and cannot be opened normally.  Reade and Sarah are trapped on on elevator with a civilian who has issues. Bethany and Tasha are stuck discussing why Zapata is helping Weitz while Kurt, Borden, Jane and Patterson head to  the tech’s office to figure out what is going on.

Two “cleaners” are downloading the identities of undercover FBI agents. Weller realizes that the hackers are trying to bring down the bureau. All the communications outlets have been shut down and Patterson has some old military radios that she gives Weller and Jane.

Once again, Patterson (Ashley Johnson) does a “MacGyver,” hacks some door locks and and pretty much saves the day, or at least sets things up to save the day. Weller and Jane move to where the hackers have access to the communications hub and start chopping wires to stop the duo copying files.

Blindspot - Season 1
Patterson saving the day from her desk.

As Weller and Jane get reinforcements, and guns, they head to where the couple are accessing the FBI files.  A shootout kills the woman but the man escapes and he continues to control the building’s functions via his tablet.

Threatening to drop all the elevators from the top floor unless they release his partner (his is not aware of her death) Reade and Sarah (and the overly medicated lady in the lift with them) must be rescued before the hacker can kill them.

After the smoke clears from the “take-over” Weitz (Abrams) goes to remove Mayfair. Weller insists she stay to face her accuser. He agrees and begins to lay out evidence that “proves” Bethany murdered the woman in the hotel room as well as Carter. As each damning bit of evidence is revealed, Jane realizes she was used by Oscar to set the FBI leader up.

The thumb drive, swapping Mayfair’s pen, all of the things she did at Oscar’s bidding were only to set up Bethany Mayfair.  Jane’s face is a mixture of regret and surprise.

It is all too easy to feel Jane Doe’s emotional angst here. At the start of the program she and Patterson are working out and it is obvious the two have passed colleague status and are now friends.  It is interesting to note that as Jane gets closer to the team, Zapata is distancing herself from her friends and colleagues.

Of even more interest is the reveal that Mayfair was not just set up by Jane. The “dead” Sofia, who Bethany gave her savings to ($48K and some change),  apparently helped as well since this exact same amount turns up as evidence of Donna (the dead woman in the motel room) blackmailing Mayfair.

How will Jane react now that she has learned that Oscar’s intentions were not as advertised? More importantly, will her contact attempt to explain his actions or will he do a quick  fade?

The twists and turns of ‘Blindspot’ keep getting sharper and more intense.  The entire FBI team have been put through the wringer, Patterson losing her boyfriend, Reade losing Sarah, Mayfair learning that Sofia was still alive and Weller’s father is dying. Now Jane has learned that Oscar apparently lied to her from day one.

Jaime Alexander has settled into her role of tattooed harbinger and Sullivan Stapleton keeps getting better as the childhood friend who believes Jane is Taylor Shaw. Marianne Jean-Baptiste was brilliant in this episode and her interaction with Audrey Esparza, and Aaron Abrams was spot on. 

 Blindspot - Season 1
Mayfair weary leader.

Mayfair is the weary leader and her single tear (Of anger? Disappointment? Betrayal?) during her exchange with Zapata was just brilliant.

Next week is the penultimate episode of season one. Jane may look for some explaining from Oscar and we can expect some major guilt from the tattooed one as well.

‘Blindspot’ airs Mondays on NBC.

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