Agents of SHIELD: Emancipation – Lash (Review)


‘Agents of SHIELD’ starts with a nod to its big screen tie-in with a TV News anchor stating that Steve Rogers is still missing after his public feud with Tony Stark and the Avengers over the controversial Sokovia Accords. The newscaster goes on to mention that the Avengers are now under U.N. authority. Phil holds a newspaper reporting the death of Agent Carter (founder of SHIELD) at 95.

‘Emancipation’ goes on to follow a last ditch effort to destroy Hive with Lash as the aimed weapon. This solution was logical given that the former Dr. Garner was practically indestructible while snuffing out every inhuman he found, with the exception of Daisy.

The episode starts with General Talbot visiting the base and being briefed on the new SHIELD setup. Talbot (Adrian Pasdar) is all set to enforce the new rules and register all the agency’s inhumans with the U.N. and push for Phil to bow to his will. 

Coulson continues to  tell Talbot that the U.N. ruling is wrong and Hive gets some reluctant volunteers to teat the new alpha treatment of Dr. Radcliffe (John Hannah).  James acts as bait to lure the men into an alley. The “pups” are then forced to have the treatment. 

Daisy looks quite ill from Holden draining her blood for the treatment but she is well enough to hack the SHIELD system and help Lincoln escape from his cell and the base.

Talbot visits Lincoln (Luke Mitchell) and the two swap insults and Lincoln wins with his, “What’s he doing here? I thought this place was germ free.” Talbot got his gibe in earlier when he referred to the former doctor as “Electro Boy.” 

Phil introduces Talbot to all three of their inhumans, the newest recruit, Elena and after the Lincoln visit, Lash. The general is not impressed with “Rasta-Hulk” and he is amazed the the inhuman is May’s husband.

Radcliffe performs his second test and the new inhuman creations looks horrific, but “slightly less melty” – Hive is pleased with his new children. Daisy talks Lincoln through hacking his lock although he almost blows it and she chides him for not paying attention:

“I said MacGyver not fire-starter.”

While Lincoln escapes The experiment is deemed a success by Hive and he orders more inhumans to be made. Hive tells Daisy he needs all her blood. Radcliffe is horrified by the appearance of his latest  result and pleads for his life and a chance to improve on the formula.   James agrees with the doctor:

“I’ve got to go with the Doc on this one. I mean…they’re some very ugly muffins.”

Back at the SHIELD base, Lincoln is believed to have escaped on the Omni jet.  Talbot wants the jet shot down that Lincoln is on only to learn that, as stated at the start of the epodes, desperate times equals desperate measures, and it was Lash on the jet not Lincoln. May and Lincoln tell the Talbot, and Mack,  that they tricked Daisy.

Using the hypothesis that each inhuman “is here for a reason and serves a purpose” Lincoln believes that Lash was created to kill Hive. The creature is certainly more powerful; easily thwarting the infection trick of the inhuman leader.

Lash; more than a match for Hive.

Lash burns a hole right through Hive and when Daisy comes to help the fallen leader, she has the infection removed by Lash. After tenderly placing her in the jet, Lash is struck down by James (Axel Whitehead) and Daisy blasts the new Hive recruit off the jet.

After Daisy returns to the base, she reveals Hive’s plan. Fitz-Simmons tell Coulson that the agent  is free of Hive’s sway but that his new treatment  has the capacity to create a huge population of inhumans.

Things are moving on nicely mixing in the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ plot line along with the death throes of Hive’s plan of world domination.

Chloe Bennet‘s Daisy has undergone one huge character arc. She has managed to grow up only to be controlled by Hive which resulted in the inhuman agent being all too ready to sacrifice herself for her new master.  

Mack and Elena have a tender moment, she leaves him a totem of faith (a cross) and the Marvel verse moves on.

‘Agents of SHIELD’ airs Tuesdays on ABC.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

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