Gotham: Unleashed – How to Kill a Galavan (Review)


‘Gotham’ this week has Azrael sidetracked after running into Tabitha Galavan who reminds the avenger of who he really is. Unleashing his inner Galavan, he heads to Wayne Manor to kill Bruce.  We also see Nygma attempt his escape and while doing so bumps into Selina (Camren Bicondova) in the air ducts. Penguin , along with Butch, shows Gordon, Alfred and Bruce how to kill an immortal Galavan. 

You have to love villains in the Gotham-verse.  Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) clearly believes her dead brother will be pleased to see her after she kicked him in the face. This lead to his capture by Gordon and his death at the hands of Jim on the Gotham docks.  It should not have surprised Tabby  when Azrael/Theo stabbed her in the stomach, while muttering the word “traitor.”

Ed Nygma is alarmed at what he finds  in the Arkham basement and when challenged, goes back to his cell. The former forensic specialist then heads out of the holding area via the air duct, where Kyle is already crawling in.

Selina and Ed (Cory Michael Smith) have the comic exchange of the episode:

Selina: “What the… Forensic guy?”

Ed: “Street trash girl?”

Selina: “You framed Gordon.”

Ed: “And you tried to get a reward by turning him in.”

Selina: “Oh, yeah.”

Ed: ” What the hell are you doing here?”

Selina: “What the hell are you doing here?”

Barnes is, somewhat amazingly, still alive. The shortened sword must have missed anything vital and Bullock (Donal Logue) is temporarily, and uncomfortably, in charge of the precinct. Tabitha is also clinging to life when Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) turns up at her hospital bed to recruit Butch (Drew Powell) to help him to kill Galavan. 

(It is touching to see that Butch loves Tabitha and his little “you laugh at my jokes” was just precious.)

The fight between Azrael and Alfred was brilliantly choreographed and Sean Pertwee was on top form as the battling butler.

The calm before the storm.

The prolonged sequence of Galavan hunting down the  young Wayne, and Bruce’s  clever shoe deception was well played out. Firstly Alfred  literally goes down swinging, then “Master” Bruce uses a car as a weapon and then Jim Gordon shows up.

“Unexpected,” says Azrael/Galavan as Gordon pumps the re-animated Mayor of Gotham full of lead, or copper-jacketed slugs, and the seemingly invincible boogey-man goes down.  As the two men check Wayne out, to make sure the lad is okay, Azrael rises.

Arriving stylishly late is Penguin, dressed to “the nines” and sporting an umbrella and Butch.

Oswald: “Jim, a little tip for next time: always bring the right tools for the job.”

The “tools” being the perfect combination of Butch and a rocket launcher.  Once again, Azrael (James Frain) is reduced to a monosyllabic response, “Oh.” Butch fires and Galavan is turned into a scattered ball of flame. “You’re welcome,” says Penguin before telling Butch to come along. 

“Good Night Fellas,” Butch waves at the three by the Wayne car and a stunned Alfred halfheartedly waves back.

Meanwhile, in Arkham we, and Selina, have learned that all the inmates from Indian Hill are being moved. Ed has been caught and  Kyle is seconds away from getting a hot-foot; all over. Firefly, aka Bridget, is all about passing Strange’s tests and the fire is spurting toward a terrified Selina.

This was a great build up episode while also taking out the threat of the seemingly indestructible Azrael.  It sets the stage for the next set  of events and the return of Firefly and, more importantly, the Penguin we all know and love.

Penguin; all dressed with somewhere to go.

Another comic touch was Butch revealing, in his conversation with Tabitha before she leads Harvey and Gordon to the family mausoleum, that he kicked Barbara Kean out of the house.

Selina may need saving, if Firefly does not turn her into cinder, and it looks like Penguin’s return to form may be just in time. Next week an old “friend” returns from the dead; Fish Mooney, and one wonders what “story” Hugo has chosen for her.

‘Gotham’ has two episodes left this season and the finale may be a series highpoint.  The show airs Mondays on FOX.

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2 thoughts on “Gotham: Unleashed – How to Kill a Galavan (Review)”

  1. Rocket Launcher for the win! Hated to see Azrael go so soon, though. Was hoping he’d just go away for a while then come back with a more heroic disposition, then slowly get too violent and need to be stopped, just like the Azrael that took over for Batman in the comics after Bane broke his back.
    Not a smart move by Tabitha to remind Theo of who he really is, considering his last memory of her was her foot kicking him in the face.
    Absolutely hilarious exchange between Ed and Selina in the ductwork, too.
    Hate to see the finale approaching so soon. Just when it’s really getting good, too!!


    1. It was a brilliant one never the less. Failed to review as I was fighting a life threatening case of flu (several times more lethal than “man-flu” by the by… Yes great build up episode “street trash girl” (don’t ya love Nygma?)…


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