The Catch: The Ringer – Holes (Review)


‘The Catch’ is trying to keep things interesting. In ‘The Ringer,’  guest star Michael Welch plays Teddy Seavers a rich man who Rhys Bishop (John Simm) wants to fleece for a big payout. His sister Margot (Sonya Walger) takes charge of the operation and turns it into a “The Sting” operation where high stakes poker will clean the millionaire out. 

Margot sets the “underground” game up, enlists the help of Reggie (Alimi Ballard), and using a rigged game (CCTV cameras focussed on the player’s cards and  Margot orchestrating each hand) that works until Rhys gets drunk and destroys the cameras and the set-up.

The game lasts till the morning. Margot, Reggie and Ben save the day and clean out Seavers. As the abbreviated team go to celebrate, Margot discovers that Rhys had been drinking water all night and was never intoxicated.

Plot Hole:

During the game, when Rhys destroys the cameras and folds, instead of calls to win the crucial hand, Margot confronts her brother immediately afterward.  This is not long distance confrontation, this is “close enough to kiss” angry intimacy. The rate that Rhys is seen to be knocking back shots of “vodka” (or any other clear alcohol) he should have had an alcoholic reek that would gag a goat.  Yet Margot, clever crook that she is, misses this and does not discover that her brother conned her till after they clean out Seavers.

Sidenote: Contrary to popular belief vodka as the alcoholic’s drink of choice due to its “lack of smell” is, overall a myth. While this is somewhat true in small doses, even vodka, which is low odor compared to other drinks, emits an alcoholic aroma. Especially if imbibed in the copious amounts that Rhys apparently kept throwing down his neck. 

Plot Problems:

Margot confronts her brother again only to learn that Seavers was a distraction and not a mark at all. The target was a buy-in to a hotel chain based in the U.S. as Rhys is moving in on the American market.  When sis gets angry and accuses him of declaring war, he reveals  the Alice Vaughn situation and explains she is the enemy.

Next Alice makes a deal with the FBI to “save” Ben/Christopher  to find the real culprit of the murders Agent Dao wants to solve.

Early in the episode, Val Anderson (Rose Rollins) recommends that Alice call her therapist who will  recommend someone else to help Vaughn deal with the Christopher situation. Anyone who has been paying attention knew immediately that when Vaughn agreed to call the professional, that she would end up seeing Margot. 

Vaughn approaches Ben and tells him of her deal and he is horrified. She leaves, to see the recommended therapist and (no surprise here at all) it is Margot.


There is a subplot in this episode of  ‘The Catch.’ A rich “video games” mogul hires the firm to find his missing son. He has sole custody and his wife is a bipolar wreck who could become violent. He believes his wife has kidnapped their son.

JAY HAYDEN, ELVY YOST (Subplot Investigation)

He is right. However it turns out that the father paid for testimony at the custody hearing to get custody as it would be cheaper than paying out alimony and child support. Alice enlists the aid of Ben/Christopher. With her lover’s help they find the fake ID created for the boy and track him down.

The whole thing, the kidnapping of the boy, is orchestrated by the Protective Parent Network, a real organization apparently set up to help victims of abuse, domestic and sexual, incest, et al.

Final Thoughts:

The episode was entertaining in a “The Sting” sort of way. A high-stakes poker game, all tuxedoes and cocktails, a grand scheme of cheating spoiled by an a**hat brother and the reveal that it was all a “double con.”

It was, unfortunately, somewhat predictable (We knew Margot was going to be the therapist from the moment Anderson mentions the “recommendation.”) and then there is the plot hole, or good old fashioned boo-boo if you prefer, of the intoxicated brother.

Michael Welch was brilliant as the gambling addict mogul. The actor has been busy since his character was killed off in ‘Z Nation‘ and his character was interesting and much thinner than Mack in the Syfy series.


‘The Catch’ was all too predictable this week (and with a few plot holes)  but the thorough unpleasantness of Rhys (John Simm) does make it almost a necessity to tune in again to see what he will get up to next.  Nasty bit of stuff that man. The series airs Thursdays on ABC.


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