Rosewood: Season One Episode 19 (Review)


In ‘Rosewood’ this week, Mitchie Mendelson works on Team Rosie for the first time as a member of the lab. In ‘Sudden Death & Shades Deep’ a jingle writer, and the man who broke up the band, Shades Deep, is found dead. Rosie suspects foul play and  preliminary tests show beta blockers in the corpse’s system and coagulated eyeballs.

Mitchie is an awkward fit “at the office” and still annoys Villa who  has not warmed to the newest member of Rosie’s staff.  Captain Hornstock confesses his relationship  with Daisie to Rosie and Erica has a secret. Dr. Kincaid took a gap year and when Rosie asks her about it Erica evades the question.

Villa questions suspects while Mendelson gets involved with Rosie’s dilemma and tells both Annalise and  Donna Rosewood (Lorraine Toussaint) what he learned about Erica’s gap year.

The murder of the week has Izzy Clateman (Micah J. Jones) dying mysteriously in a recording booth. Suspects include a former friend and member of Shades Deep as well as Izzy’s former manager  Jimmy Amiel (played by Scottish actor Steve Valentine). The latter was accused by the singer/songwriter of cheating him on money. 

As the duo of Villa and Rosewood work their way through suspects Mitchie tries too hard and could end up alienating TMI, Pippy and Rosie.  Hornstock’s romance with Villa’s mother Daisie (Lisa Vidal) is still an issue, and Daisie has departed the area arousing Annalise’s suspicions. Ira asks Rosie for advice.

Hornstock (Domenick Lombardozzi) and Rosewood have a great exchange during Villa’s questioning of Sylvester. As the captain delightedly reveals that the new love of his live is Daisie Villa (Rosie’s response is “Whoa!”) Villa can be heard saying the phrase “sucker punch” to her suspect. The implication is clear and funny. 

Sylvester Maines (Antwon Tanner) is the chief suspect after the lab turns up the beta blockers in Izzy’s system and the musical  artist with an attitude gives Rosewood the best line of the episode. Maines gets upset at being questioned about his friend’s murder and Rosie attempts to calm him down:

“Whoa, whoa, Sylvester, come on, now. Happy place… get there. Send us a postcard.”

Later in the episode the former manager appears to hang himself. Rosewood and his team work out that Amiel was murdered as well.  Before the end of the show the killer is revealed to be Walter (Michael Traynor) the recording studio partner of Izzy and Erica reveals to Donna what happened during her gap year.

Mitchie (Sam Huntington) is an odd fit as a new “regular” in Rosie-World.  He is loud; Donna points this out  when forcing him to give up what he learned about Erica’s gap year. With his over the top eager to please attitude Mendelson is just short of  annoying. To give the character credit, he does inadvertently help Rosie solve the case.

Erica and Donna still have some issues. Even though Rosewood’s mother has welcomed Erica into the family, Donna is very quick to jump to bad conclusions. Hornstock is rumbled by Annalise who figures out about Daisie and she tells the captain she is worried for him.

In terms of relationships everyone comes out on top, with the possible exception of Ira and Daisie; who is still AWOL.

Once again the explanation of the crime (the “how” dunnit”) was clever and it was interesting to see that the victim also had heart issues, just like Rosie. Erica explains the gap year to Donna and this may be the right step in clearing up any doubts about her suitability for Rosie.

While not a overly amusing episode ‘Sudden Death & Shades Deep’  stepped away from the Villa/Rosewood “will they won’t they” storyline until the very end.

Kudos to Gabrielle Dennis (Pippy Rosewood) who shows, at the end of the episode, that she also has impressive pipes on top of those massive acting chops. She sings, as part of the plot, and it is the voice of an angel. 

The song she sings, ‘Does She Love’ (Like I do) is the backdrop to Villa looking over at Erica and Rosie. The glance is pensive and not a little sad. This is the one allusion to the Annalise/Rosewood dynamic and done very well.

It raises questions about Villa as well as a little lump in the throat.

‘Rosewood’ airs Wednesdays on FOX.

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