Stitchers: Pretty Little Lawyers – Interesting Questions (Review)


In this week’s episode of ‘Stitchers’ the team investigate the murder of a pretty little lawyer who was poisoned with oleander at work. The case poses some interesting questions about “legality” and  the Boy in the red cap has now passed on some interesting information to Kirsten.  There is trouble in Linus/Camille land and Liam is caught out with Linus’ lady by Kirsten.

Guest star Dondre Whitfield (the other half of Salli Richardson-Whitfield) plays Sam Lewis, an “old flame” from Maggie’s past who owns a huge legal firm where the deceased lawyer worked. The  victim was found dead in front of her computer by a colleague and Quincy (Damon Dayoub) asks the question about just why the NSA is investigating this case.

As the team investigate, the kid in the cap shows up and after a false start reveals the existence of a sibling.

This is a game changer.

‘Pretty Little Lawyers’ (You have to love this title.) brings up the questions that have been hovering about since season one. What is the legal status of information garnered by the process of “stealing” memories from the recently deceased?

When the group begin to question the legal colleagues of the dead woman an interesting scenario plays out. The lawyers act like lawyers and begin evading, misleading and circling the wagons.  The legal experts then question the source of information being used to interrogate the suspects.

The end result is that these legal “a**hats” point out (through their legal maneuverings) that what the Stitchers team do is illegal, in the sense that nothing they learn, including who the bad guy is, can be used in the legal system. Once again, we have to query what the program is really for. It cannot be designed to  catch killers, which is what the team do, as any “evidence” they gather is inadmissible in court.

Cameron has some daddy issues, as pointed out by one of the suspects, his father is in prison for bilking a lot of people out of their money. Kirsten tells Goodkin later that they have something else in common.

Maggie reveals to Kirsten that Camille has been trying to prove that Liam is working  for Stinger. Camille tells her roomie and friend that she will stop seeing Kirsten’s ex if it bothers her. Kirsten replies that she will take over investigating Liam as it is too dangerous for Camille to continue.

Linus appears to have some devastating news coming his way after he bumps into his father at the legal firm; a medical power of attorney.  (We need to talk, says his father.) The tech savvy member of the team is getting the equivalent of a “one-two” punch combo this season. Camille lying to him and what looks to be a very serious family issue hitting at the same time may have a devastating effect on Linus.

Liam turns out to have a little bit of petty in under all that practically perfect in every way personality. It is apparent that he is working for someone.  The two suspects are Kirsten’s father Stinger and the other, until this episode, was Kirsten’s mother.

The introduction of Ivy Brown, the sister of Kirsten (from another mother) may explain much in the last season finale reveal. When the stitch of the hit man revealed that a woman was issuing his orders and leaving a message for Kirsten.  At first this seemed to prove that Mrs. Stinger (the second one) was still alive. With Ivy “in the picture” it appears she could be the female voice in the stitch.

There Could Be Trouble Ahead:

Cameron and Nina pose another investing question. Is it possible to have a meaningful relationship with the perfect woman when lying about one’s job? Goodkin reveals that Nina believes he works for a video game company.  Can this evasive attitude lead to  problems? Most definitely.

There is also the “Say hey,” thing going on. Both Nina and Kirsten say this. There is an undercurrent going on here. One that started after the dinner.

Linus and Camille still have that “lie” hanging in the air and this new drama of the medical power of attorney may heal the wounds initially but this is one issue that will need proper resolution. Linus does not suffer being lied to gladly.

Kirsten and those “death moments”  (the subject actually died last week) cannot be good. This week she again enters the moment of death in the stitch.  If there were a 1960s robot in the show it would be shouting “Danger! Danger! Will Robinson  Kirsten!”

Pop Culture:

Cameron’s riff on “You can’t handle the truth” (Jack Nicholson’s epic shout in ‘A Few Good Men.’)

Banksy “An England-based graffiti artist” is how Goodkin refers to Kirsten regarding her bedroom wall chart.

“Pretty Little Lawyers” a great play on “Pretty Little Liars” (another Freeform series) and an great allegorical nod to the lawyers in the episode.

“Oh double expresso. Kirsten never has a second cup at home.” A reference to a reference. Cameron explains to Kirsten that the line comes from ‘Airplane!‘ (A 1980 comedy that propelled Leslie Nielsen from his typecast career in straighter-than-straight roles to comedy actor) and that 1980 reference harks back to an old coffee advert from the ’70s where a housewife remarks that at home her husband never has a second cup of coffee. (Ah, Yuban.)

Final Thoughts:

Speaking with the cast members earlier this year, a number of them brought up the idea of the Stitchers program being made public and the ramifications. This episode, written by Lynne E. Litt, takes cautious step in that direction as a sort of revelatory glimpse of a reality where lawyers question the validity of stitcher information as a legal device.

While this points out the fallacy of the program being used to investigate murders and catch killers it also points out that this NSA project is not about crime at all.  As Turner told Maggie before he was murdered (quite probably by Stinger) Stitchers is much deeper. Evolutionary was the work the late Les used to describe the program’s purpose.

The latest twist of Kirsten having a half-sister opens up a lot of new and interesting possibilities to the Stinger search.  We also still do not know who the kid is and what his real purpose may be.  He has told Kirsten that she must keep his existence a secret hopefully the reason for this will become clear, although with the tech savvy of the team, “little Cameron” may not be a secret much longer.

‘Stitchers’ airs Tuesdays on Freeform.

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5 thoughts on “Stitchers: Pretty Little Lawyers – Interesting Questions (Review)”

  1. If/When S3 happens, somehow, I see that this law firm could be enlisted by Maggie (cos she trusts Sam and yes it could be a way to bring back Sam’s character into the show) to help them out in the legalities arena and perhaps through Fisher’s recommendation they can enlist Mei Ling’s help (as a favor) to be Sam’s bodyguard when legality sh*t hits the fan and Sam’s life could be in danger cos he took on the Stitchers case. That’s my head cannon for what can partly happen in S3. It all looks good in my head.


    1. I like it. If for no other reason than Mei Ling rocked as did @pamelynchee in the role! Great chemistry with Damon Dayoub as well. The idea of Maggie hooking back up with Sam is an interesting idea! 🙂


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