Fresh Off the Boat: Rent Day – Fluff (Review)


This ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ episode is out of order, slipped to allow for the funny ‘Hello My Name Is…‘ guest starring ‘Stitchers‘ regular Allison Scagliotti, ‘Bones’  actor John Francis Daley and Patrick Fischler  ‘Rent Day’ sees Jessica Huang learning the realities of fluff,  renting and squatters. Eddie pushes Louis for a new “Iron Man” Watch and The Huang Boys are on the case when Louis’s watch goes missing.

The show starts with Jessica, Honey and Grandma Huang showing the house to Frank (Fischler) who reveals he wants to buy the house as an investment property and rent it out. After telling the women about how much money can be made by renting, Jessica chases  the buyer out of the house. She then announces that they will be renting the place out themselves.

Jessica says she will handle everything, although Honey warns her business partner and friend about the issues of becoming landlords; lawyers, maintenance credit checks and so on. “Fluff,” says Jessica.

Eddie and Louis are doing crosswords because the television remote is missing. Evan and Emery find the device and reveal that “The Huang Boys” found it in the pantry.  They also tell their father that he left it there. (Louis goes there to cry after watching ‘Babe.’

Louis: (voice breaking with emotion)”That’ll do, pig.  That’ll do.”

Eddie pushes his dad for a watch and Louis gives his calculator watch to his eldest son for a week. He tells Eddie that if he can take care of the watch, he will think about getting the new watch for him.


Jessica interviews all the prospective tenants and settles on a young couple (Scagliotti and Daley) who tell her they are in medicine. They also claim to never want children and she believes she has found the perfect renters.

Their first check bounces and when she confronts the couple they explain that they have no money. They do have money for pizza, video games and “tiny car,” but not for rent.

This episode of ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ is Jessica versus the deadbeat renters.  The subplot of Eddie and the watch that Louis takes from his son to prove a point is funny. All the more so because Grandma Huang then took the watch from Louis  to prove her own point.

Once again Constance Wu kills it as Jessica with her unique viewpoint on life and  business. The deadbeat couple, who follow, after a fashion, Jessica’s “mothering” of them are funny and Scagliotti and Daley have brilliant chemistry together.


The “Huang Boys” investigative business (an obvious nod to ‘The Hardy Boys’)  with  Emery and Evan (Forrest Wheeler and Ian Chen) playing detective is excellent.  “We’re nine for nine,” Evan states proudly. This shows how well Chen and Wheeler work together as siblings in the show. Hudson Yang also killed it in his push for the watch.

All the performers work perfectly together. Randall Park’s Louis being overly sentimentality about “Babe” and his taking the watch to teach Eddie a lesson works because Park is believable. Just as Wu’s micromanaging Jessica feels spot on.

The episode ‘Rent Day’ spends most of the storyline on  the rental issues. There are some great comedic moments in the both the watch and the Jessica story.

Standout Moments:

The cat and the chicken.

“Wanna come in and play Geese Lord!”

“Where’s my watch” “Where’s my dad?”


Louis and Eddie hiring Evan and Emery to find the watch.

“I don’t want your warm homemade butt eggs.”

Eddie watching Gladiators.


At the end of ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ everything works out. The watch is found, but only after Louis and The Huang Boys buy a replacement and Jessica talks Honey and Grandma Huang into re-investing the house sale money.

#FOB airs Tuesdays on ABC. Watch this one, it delivers great comedy and features some of the best  comic actors, young and old-er, on TV.



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