Blindspot: Swift Hardhearted Stone – Carter (Review)

Blindspot - Season 1

“Blindspot” this week has a surprise twist at the end of “Swift Hardhearted Stone” and ironically, Mayfair now has much more in common with Reade than she could have thought. The twist was a shocking moment and its clear that Carter is still a threat, even after his death.

The main story deals with an autistic, or an Asperges afflicted girl whose ability to recreate perfect images, with pencil and paper, of the  things she sees, places her in danger. Mya (Oona Laurenceis the daughter of one of the world’s most dangerous terrorists and this too places her in a precarious position.

The girl is found wandering the streets and Dr. Borden (Ukweli Roach)  works with the child to break down her barriers. After learning why the terrorist group want the girl dead, the team, Weller, Jane, Borden and Patterson head out to a cabin that belongs to the doctor. 

Mya is not safe long as the terrorists soon  realize where she is.

Back at the FBI office Reade warns Zapata about looking into the death of Carter.  Mayfair, Reade and Tasha learn that Mya is a target as her pictures can identify all the terrorists in the group.  Weller and Jane were heading to town, leaving Patterson and Borden alone with Mya. They get the call from Mayfair and head back to the cabin.

Before the two can arrive the terrorists show up, guns blazing, and Patterson and Borden must stand them off.

Patterson not only proves her mettle with a gun, but she does a “MacGyver” later. Borden  kills a terrorist thug with a battery operated nail gun and the team, after Weller and Jane return, get into a prolonged shootout.

Blindspot - Season 1
Ashley johnson as Patterson

At the end of the gunfight  the “nerd” of the team takes out most of the terrorist team on her own with a rigged gas fireplace in Borden’s house.  Borden almost gets shot by a turncoat in the government, Franklin (William Ragsdale). The man   is stopped by Mya who hits him with a car door. 

Zapata decides to investigate Mayfair, Jane puts the thumb drive in the laptop as Oscar requested and then joins Weller for dinner with Sawyer and a night of gaming.

Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptistegoes on her first “proper” date with the woman she met  last week, Alexandra,  and she stalls the romance by getting ice, Bethany returns to find her date dead. The woman was stabbed in the throat.  As Mayfair pulls her gun and surveys the room the phone rings.

A voice tells Bethany to stop looking into Carter’s disappearance or she will be next.

So far both Reade and Mayfair have been threatened but Bethany has been personally threatened whereas Edgar was not. The  warning for Reade was that something would happen to  either Sawyer or Sarah Weller.

There were two twists in this episode, Mya’s drawings including a perfect replica of a tattoo on Jane’s body and the Bethany Mayfair date. It appears the Jane still does not trust Oscar too much and it is unclear just how far she will go to keep Weller safe.

It was nice to see Borden outside the confines of the office and that room.  Roach killed it in the scene where the doctor kills a terrorist thug  with a nail gun. His character’s horror and dismay felt very real.

Blindspot - Season 1
Unwell Roach as Dr. Borden

Borden and Patterson look as though they are bonding, a mutual love of games and Borden’s sense of humor is working toward giving Patterson a new friend.  Tasha (Audrey Esparza) investigating Mayfair may end badly for the FBI agent, who is, thus far the only one not to receive a death threat. 

“Blindspot” continues to vary its delivery of the “tattoo a week” theme and it does entertain on a multitude of levels.  Ashley Johnson as Patterson is killing it and her actions this week prove that her character is not just about solving puzzles.

The series airs Mondays on NBC.  Watch this mystery/thriller and enjoy some thinking outside the box drama.


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